Prenatal Yoga Revolved Triangle Posture

o    Stand with your feet one metre apart, keep the right foot point forward and the left foot pointing to the side, keeping the hips straight.
o    Breathe in and lift the arms sideways to shoulder height, on the out breath stretch to the left without tilting. Breath in and on the next exhalation bend sideways to the left.
o    Keep the legs straight and position your left hand anywhere between the knee and the floor, depending on how flexible you are without forcing or loosing the alignment.
o    Keep the right hand stretched up towards the ceiling, or positioned on the hip, and turn your head to look up to your hand if comfortable. In case the right hand is placed on the hip, keep the head looking forwards.
o    Hold this posture for about 20 seconds, breathing normally. Breathe in and lift out of the posture slowly. Repeat the posture on the other side.

This is the 6th posture in the prenatal yoga workout

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