Peter Ajello Lost 200 Pounds – Weight Loss Story of the Year

Pete Ajello before and after his weight loss - on a fishing trip and then celebrating on the beach
Pete Ajello before and after his weight loss

Sometimes a weight loss story just simply breaks through new barriers. If weight loss was an Olympic sport then Peter Ajello would certainly be a contender for a gold medal.

Peter Ajello lost 200 pounds in the last 16 months. Not only did he lose a lot of fat, he also trained hard and has built a pretty good physique, certainly something to be proud of on a beach.

Peter was so overweight that his life was in serious danger. At his maximum he reached 425 pounds (183kg). He was suffering from diabetes, had dangerously high cholesterol levels, was suffering from gout attacks that literally disabled him temporarily. He was morbidly obese and had at the time less than a year to live. He was on 14 different medications for the problems caused by his obesity.

When CBS heard about his weight loss they got him on The Doctors Show. He was soon called “The Weight Loss King of South Florida” and CBS put him in contact with plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner who would later carry out his skin removal operation.

How Did He Put On Weight?

He just started eating too much of the wrong thing, like most people do these days. He ate lots of pizza, started drinking beer. He spent a year guzzling sugar drinks and eating junk food. Things came to a head when he woke up one morning after suffering from a diabetic stroke.

How Did He Lose Weight?

Peter started out by himself. He realised he has to take immediate action – in fact his doctor told him too, or he’d die – and he started his own walking program. Just walking around his block, a little further each time. Most importantly he stopped eating pizza and drinking beer.

Very soon Peter lost 50 pounds, just from cutting the junk food and walking.

The Weight Loss Bet

But he was still very overweight. It was then that his friends came to the rescue. Two close friends made a friendly bet with him. If he could lose 100 pounds in 5 months (it was August 1st 2008 and the bet was to lose weight by New Year) they would give him a total of $15,000.

The Real Motivation – One Inch at a Time

The thought of winning made him more determined, but the real motivation came from an unusual direction. He sat at home watching the film Any Given Sunday. He caught Al Pacino’s motivational locker room speech, and that was what he really needed to make him get up and take real action to win his challenge.

Al Pacino’s Motivational Locker Room Speech

We’re in Hell right now …. we can fight our way back, climb out of hell, one inch at time. We claw for all those inches. I am willing to fight and die for that inch. That is what living is.

After watching this Peter really started working hard. In just two months he increased his fitness enough to go from a 7 minute treadmill workout to a 60 minute workout.

Peter Was Taught How To Eat

Peter soon hit a plateau. He was tired and stopped losing weight. He did not know why. But a personal trainer in his gym came to his aid after seeing his amazing progress. He then learned how to eat healthy food, what type of carbohydrates and proteins he should eat to increase his energy levels so that he could train harder.

6 Pound a Week Weight Loss Success

In the last few weeks of 2008 he worked incredibly hard and by January 1st 2009 he weighed in at 248 pounds. That was 157 pounds lighter than he was 6 months previously. He lost an average of 6 pounds per week over a 6 month period.

Peter Has Lost Diabetes

Peter still has a 38 inch waist, there is little doubt that he plans to carry on working out though. But the most important change is that Peter has actually lost diabetes. He no longer suffers from Type 2 Diabetes. Proof that it is caused by being overweight and poor diet, and that diabetes is reversible.

Kari Williams – Pete’s Personal Trainer

Pete Ajello lifting weights with Kari Williams
Pete Ajello with Kari Williams

Pete employed personal trainer Kari Williams to help move his fitness to the next level. To ensure that he kept the weight off he knew he had to start getting fitter too. Also he wanted to have skin removal surgery after he lost weight, and before plastic surgeon Dr. Pozner would allow this he had to lose a significant amount of weight and show that he was going to keep the weight off.

Kari Williams had Pete performing all sorts of exercises, such as stair climbs with dumbbells, walking lunges, bicep curls and dumbbell presses.

Pascal Durand – Pete’s Nutritionist

Pete also had a nutritionist that helped him improve his diet. Pascal got Pete eating high fibre and low GI foods. This again help stabilise his blood sugar levels, control his appetite, make his body work hard to digest food and start to improve the health of his digestive system.

Pete’s Diet and TRU Chocolate

Pete ate TRU Chocolate to help him control his cravings. He beleives that TRU Chocolate actually helped get over his diabetes as it helped him control his blood sugar levels. This is what Pete said about his diet:

I also had a secret weapon which was TRU Chocolate which a lot of people misconceive, but they should not, because these chocolates whatever is in them, cut my portions in half, and what it boils down to is: CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT. REST, DIET, THEN EXCERCISE.

This is what TRU Chocolate say about their product:

  • TRŪ Chocolate assists with weight loss programs
  • TRŪ Chocolate is a great source of Antioxidants for kids by enjoying it as healthy snack
  • TRŪ Chocolate is great for late night snacking anytime after meals
  • TRŪ Chocolate is Diabetic, Gluten, Vegan and Celiac friendly

You can order TRU Chocolates at

Pete and his Family Tell His Story

This is one of those truly amazing weight loss stories. Peter is proof to the World that you can reverse obesity. You can win back your life. Inch by inch you can claw your way out of the pits of hell and live again. He did not take any drugs, no pills, no diet fads. He followed a healthy diet and workout program to lose weight.

What is most amazing, is that there are many excellent tried and tested weight loss programs available that are just like the one Peter developed with the help of his friends and personal trainer. You too can lose weight and get fit again, but most importantly, take full control of your life again.

He also shares his story on his website. Not only that, he is now helping others to learn how to lose weight. He plans to publish a book soon too called Mind Over Body. Well done Peter, you are an inspiration to all. Every overweight or obese American should read your story.

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  1. I am a good friend of peter’s and I can say I am glad he turned it around it killed me to visit him in Fla. And he would not leave the couch ! I am proud of you peter great job!

  2. Great job my friend !!!!! I am SO SO proud of you. Love you and miss you here in little Rhodey.

  3. Great work Pete! Always good to hear stories like this. Usually just the celebs with a highly paid team to support them make the news. Good that ordinary people doing ordinary things can lose weight and get fit again. Keep up the good work.

  4. I have known Pete for a few years when is was the biggest I have ever seen him and was praying for him to lose the wait. He has come a long way in such a short time and everyone should just listen to how he lost his wait and give it a try, what do you have to lose, I’m sure many people have tried many things to lose wait and has not worked. Just listen to Pete. He is living his dream and look forward to the future. I’m so proud of him. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  5. “I’m sure many people have tried many things to lose wait and has not worked.”

    Part of the problem is that many people who try to lose weight simply do not do the right things. Many people live in denial about how much food they really eat. Others fail to exercise enough to aid weight loss. Whenever someone says “I have tried everything to lose weight” it soon becomes clear than in most cases they have not actually tried very hard. Pete is testimony that if you really try hard, you will succeed. Most people chose to blame the weight loss plan / diet book for their failure rather than their own lack of commitment.

  6. Wow, what an inspiring story!

    “Many people live in denial about how much food they really eat. Others fail to exercise enough to aid weight loss.”

    How true, and this is true of almost any life change. The people who have been successful have been honest with themselves, and those who have not are either confused about what they really need to do, or are in denial.

  7. Thank You, For all of your Comments.Motley Health is my favorite website, and many people can learn from the articles,They are written From the Heart and that’s what counts.You can not buy or purchase inspiration,it comes from the Heart!! My new Book “Mind over Body” will hit the shelves The End Of April.Reserve a copy on Face book by Searching “Mind Over Body”
    Pete Ajello”Weight loss King”

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