The Weekend Weight Loss System

The Weekend Weight Loss SystemThis turns the traditional weight loss method of dieting during the week and then relaxing at the week on its head. It is not particularly effective, but as the old saying goes, every little helps. So long as you make every effort to eat reasonably healthily during the week then you can still lose weight with this method.

The idea behind the weekend weight loss diet system is that most people are too busy during the week to stick to their diet and workout regime. The weekend for some people is more relaxing. If you are busier at the weekend than during the week then this may not be for you!

The key elements of the weekend weight loss system

Really these are the key parts of this weight loss system:

  • The system is a 2 day detox (Saturday and Sunday)
  • You will perform 4 exercise sessions, one each morning and one each evening
  • Morning exercise is endurance training
  • Evening (or late afternoon exercise) is high intensity circuit training or weight training (Sunday)

The aim of this system is to drastically cut calories over the weekend so that you get 2 days of serious fat burning. You also perform 4 exercise sessions.

The morning sessions are endurance training. These can be anything you like, so long as you exercise for 1 hour minimum. This can be a brisk 60 minute walk, 60 minutes on the elliptical, or 30 minutes cycling then 30 minutes rowing. So long as it is 60 minutes in total, you can do whatever you like. But there is one rule – you must work up a healthy sweat to prove that you are exercising hard enough.

The afternoon sessions are high intensity workouts. The workout should last for about 20 minutes. Generally performing circuit training on Saturday and then an intensive weight training session on Sunday is preferred. The weight training session will leave you set up to carry on burning fat for a few days afterwards, into the start of the week.

The Diet Element of the Weekend Weight Loss System

The diet is a combination of super low GI, detox and protein boost to help burn fat and build muscle. These are the rules, break them and you break your 2 day diet!

  • Breakfast is 3 eggs – cooked any way you like
  • Lunch is a low GI vegetable soup – no side dishes, certainly no bread
  • Dinner is fish served on rocket or watercress
  • Supper is 1 piece of fruit

This is a low calorie diet that provides protein (eggs, fish), healthy fats (eggs, fish) and low GI carbohydrates (watercress, vegetables in soup).

Under no circumstances can you have bread, pasta, rice, cakes, cookies, soda, junk food, takeaway or anything.

Allowed Drinks On Weekend Weight Loss Are:

  • Water
  • Black coffee
  • Oolong / Wuyi / Pu erh tea

No other drinks are allowed, certainly no milk, juice or soda. But, nothing else is the real rule. Break this rule, you break the diet.

That is it. It is simple. It is part fast, part detox, part intense workout.

What To Do on Monday

When the weekend is over try not to go crazy. Eat a healthy and light breakfast. Try to carry on with low GI meals. Do exercise during the week, even if just walking to and from work or doing a quick 100 squat / 50 push up workout.

Most people put on extra weight at the weekend. If you can use your weekends to detox and diet then you may reverse this habit.

Start on a Friday

For many people the weekend starts on a Friday. Why not start your weekend diet the moment you finish work / put the kids to bed on a Friday? This will give you more time to diet, and more chance of losing weight.

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