Simple Life Hacks To Start Losing Weight

Fit woman stretchingThere are many ways to lose weight really – the key is to find a method that works for you and stick to it. But, as we all love a good list of tips that are easy to follow, this is MotleyHealth’s top tips for losing you fat and slimming down.

1. Start Exercising

Maybe this is obvious, but it is amazing how many people want to achieve weight loss without workout out! Exercise can be anything really, so long as you are working your body hard. Running, weight training, swimming, soccer practice, squash, martial arts, dance, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, yoga, Pilates, walking, cycling – pick one, pick two – and do them often. Find out more here.

2. Start Fasting!

Fasting works. Why? Because you are not eating! OK, we could go into metabolism and starvation and all that (you could read this) but in short – more time fasting = less time eating = more time burning fat.

We all fast every day – this is why the first meal is called “Break Fast“. A more effective fast is the 5:2 fast, or if that is too much, a 16:8 fast.

3. Dump The Junk

Junk food is the biggest problem for many people. It is full of calories, being laden with sugar and fat. There is little quality nutrition and it is often high GI (low GI is best), meaning your body digests it quickly, pumps masses of sugar into your blood, which is quickly absorbed into fat cells – and then you feel hungry again!

Simple life rule – stop buying processed foods. Buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Milk and cheese is allowed – this is old school processing! Remember, sugar is bad.

4. Sleep More

The relationship between sleep and weight may be complex and not really understood, but it is real. Less sleep leads to more binge eating and the consumption of larger meals. People who work long hours and party hard are more likely to see the pounds creep on. You probably known somebody who always has an early night, is always looking fresh and slim – try to be that person!

5. Drink Less

I like a drink as much as the next man. Whether it is ale, wine, gin or whisky, I love it. But, too much booze will lead to weight gain. Why? Because alcohol is energy. When you drink, all of that energy needs to be processed before the energy in your food is used. So every extra drink simply means, more fat.

6. Drink Water!

OK, this is cheating really. If you follow rule no. 3 and ditch the junk, you should mostly be drinking water. Water is perfect for our bodies, it is zero calorie, tastes great (most of the time) and keeps us healthy. There is nothing magical about water, it is just that we evolved with only water to drink – not soft drinks, milkshakes, beer, soda, lattes or Mojitos.

7. Get Stronger!

Sort of the same as exercise, I know, but lifting weights is a great way to not only burn fat, but also increase your metabolism. Build bigger muscles and your body will use more energy to maintain these muscles, and this means less energy is available to maintain your fat!

8. Stop Ageing

As we grow older, metabolism slows down and we gain weight. So, stop ageing! Just say no to the slow, progression of time! Stop the clock, turn back time, and be slim forever!

9. Don’t Stress

If you found rule no.8 annoying, you might be too stressed. Stress causes weight gain – all sorts of hormones rush about the body and screw up metabolism, cravings and sleep patterns. Stress also leads to depression in some people, and this can quickly put an end to the daily workouts.

10. Don’t Do It Alone

Many studies have shown that people who lose weight or workout with others are more successful. Those who attend weight loss clubs are more likely to lose weight, and those who go to the gym with friends are likely to work harder and get fit faster. The same applies fitness classes – most people are competitive and work harder if in a class environment. This is especially true for men – men want to impress women with their super-fitness levels and also look better than all the other guys!

If you are stuck for ideas, try our weekly exercise plan – why not get a friend or two to join you? These home-based workouts can be done without any equipment – why not start today? If you want to learn more about losing weight, read this article next.

1,137 Comments on “Simple Life Hacks To Start Losing Weight

  1. MotleyHealth says:

    Zii, the most important tip I can give is this: Just stick to the plan. If you maintain the exercise and eat healthy, and do not binge or sneak in naughty snacks, you will lose weight. Daily regimen – be active, exercise 45-60 minutes, eat 3 balanced meals a day.

  2. kelly yaaj says:

    hello i am wondering if i do situps and crunches everyday in the morning and at night? will that help me lose my baby fat?

  3. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Kelly, it will help, but it will only help a little. You need to improve your diet and do some cardio and some resistance exercise (weight training, bodyweight circuits etc.).

  4. kelly yang says:

    oh ok so cardio will be the best one. i see. how about the treadmill on mornings and night. sorry i have been trying so hard to lose weight.

  5. MotleyHealth says:

    That is fine Kelly, just keep building your fitness.

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  7. MotleyHealth says:

    Hello Annie, and all others who may be reading this after searching for spells to help lose weight – these are all scams, designed to take your money.

    Getting fat is not a mystery – it is because you eat too much.

    Losing fat is not a mystery – it is done by eating healthy, eating less and exercising more.

    If anybody tells you different they are a lying, thieving, snake oil selling charlatan.

    Of course, I will happily review the scientific evidence if there is some – has there been a double-blind placebo study using spells to aid weight loss?

    Awaiting your reply,

    Team MotleyHealth.

  8. Hello, I think what you’re doing here is magnificent. Thanks for taking the time to educate all of us about the importance of eating healthier and exercise. I recently started to work out again after 15 years of being a couch potato. After marriage and having 2 great kids, I’ve gained over 35 lbs. I’m only 5 ft 6 and in my 40s. I am realistically shooting for about 150 lbs. I’ve noticed that running is harder on my knees now. I can only run 2 to 3 times a week now instead of 5 to 7. I bike about 1-2 times per week as an addition. Hardest part I realize is cutting down on eating rice. I’m Asian. What would you suggest as an alternative? Thanks in advance and you rock!

  9. MotleyHealth says:

    Just have vegetables instead of rice. Rice is a staple food – it is a vital energy source for those who have no alternative. You have an alternative – vegetables!

  10. Hi!
    I am 15 years old I have a beer gut! What will I do to have a flat stomach and my weight is 120 kg..what will I do to reduce my body weight, cause my uniform is not fit to me because of my stomach.


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