Not Sure How Many Calories You Are Eating? Use a Calorie Counter!

Garmin Forerunner 205 (2003).

Counting calories is now easier than ever. Not so long ago the only way to record how many calories you had consumed or used was to use calorie tables in books and then manually calculate how many calories you had taken in.

Some Calorie counters only measure calories used, while others only measure calories consumed. The best apps do both.

Today there are many computerized calorie counters. While there are many tools on the Internet, there also seems to be a new smartphone application each week, with tools for iPhone, Android and tablets.

The wonderful thing about modern calorie counters is that all you need to do is input the amount of food you have eaten and the computer will take care of the rest. Some will provide an estimation of nutrient intake too. Here is a round-up of some of the best on the market. Bear in mind that new apps and programs are being launched all the time. Feel free to mention & review your favorite apps below.

iPhone Apps

Android Apps


Wearables are fast becoming the most popular way to measure energy intake and expenditure.

Website Calorie Counters

Many websites have calorie counters on them, these are the ones we trust the most:

Charts and Tables

If you prefer to look up the foods on a table or in a book, then these are for you: