No Proof That Weight Loss Programs Work

No Proof That Weight Loss Programs WorkResearchers from University of Pennsylvania found that most weight loss programs offer no real proof that they work.

In their study they discovered that with the exception of Weight Watchers, no other program could prove that their methods resulted in weight loss. The American market alone for weight loss programs is between $1 and $2 billion per year – that is a lot of cash being wasted.

Although there are many ways to lose weight, from cabbage soup diets and detox fasts to intensive cardio training and military boot camps, the basic rules remain the same. Weight loss is not rocket science.

You do not need a personal nutritionist to create your menu or a fitness instructor to take you through the moves (although it can help). In fact, a study published by a few years ago showed that  the only weight loss program with proven results was the Weight Watchers program.

All others could not guarantee success. So forget those fad diets and get fit quick schemes, and focus on losing weight the right way – slowly, carefully, with exercise and healthy eating. Here are our simple tips for losing weight.

1. Reduce the size of your portions

No matter whether you are healthy or have a medical conditional, you can only ever put on weight as a result of overeating. Apart from a few very rare conditions, which make maintaining a balanced diet very difficult to achieve, weight loss results from curbing your appetite.

One tip is to reduce the size of your serving plate. Simply by eating from a 10 inch plate instead of a 12 inch plate, subjects under test conditions, eat 22% less food in a sitting.

2. Count your calories

As energy in minus energy out equals surplus energy leading to fat, counting calories (energy in food) allows you to balance what you are eating against energy used. Women on average only require 2000 calories a day, men average 2500.

If you are very active you will require more, but for most people this guideline works well.

3. Eat a balanced diet

Eating more protein for breakfast helps us to feel fuller for longer, meaning less mid-morning snacks. Also, lunch portions can be reduced if a healthy breakfast is eaten.

Avoid traditional cooked breakfasts of sausage, bacon and fried eggs though, as this can result in too much salt and saturated fat. Drink milk, eat cereals with milk, oatmeal, yogurt and poached or scrambled eggs.

The old rule of eating breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and supper like a pauper still applies.

4. Eat more dairy and calcium

Dairy actually helps the body to eliminate fat more easily.

5. Exercise more

Not only does exercise burn more energy, but also you continue to burn extra calories for 24 hours after exercising.

Also, each time you exercise, you get fitter, which means that you can exercise more the next time.

The fitter you are, the more energy and fat you can burn off during exercise.

6. Be more active

As well as exercising at set times, get more active generally. Take the stairs instead of elevator, walk more when you can, leave the car at home, get off the bus sooner.

Find fun activities to do with the family, play in the park, go skiing, swim etc. Just be more active in your day to day life.

It is essential to make every effort to lose weight and get fit. Visceral fat, the fat that surrounds the internal organs, is the most dangerous form of fat. It leads to various diseases, including heart disease, as well as cancers and other internal diseases.

So many people say that they have tried everything to lose weight. Almost all of them are living in denial.

About 80% of people asked to keep a food diary actually lie in their journal, omitting snacks, chocolate, calories laden drinks. The key to losing weight is to be truthful to yourself, do it for you and your family, stick to the plan, never give up.

Consider weight loss a battle that you must win. Fight for your life, do not let lethargy, greed and obesity kill you.


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