Booty Toning With The Bootea Teatox Weight Loss Diet!

Bootea oats

It seems that in recent months a new type of weight loss tea has hit the shelves – it’s called Bootea. On Amazon it is referred to as “Bootea 14 Day Teatox“, which brings us another relatively new wellness term, “teatox”. The big question is, does it work? Let’s review the product here.

We have talked about teas in several occasions over the years, as it seems that several types of tea hide away some secret weight loss ingredients. We decided to take a look at Bootea and ask, is Bootea different?

What Is Bootea?

According to the marketing description on Amazon, Bootea has been voted product of the year and is also the “number one weight management tea brand”. Over a million people have used the product and it is currently the UK’s best selling “teatox”.

The description states: “We use premium, all natural ingredients from around the world to cleanse and detox your body”. If you buy the Bootea teatox you get two types of tea bags – a daytime tea and a night-time cleaning infusion, which contains herbs such as ginseng, dandelion, psyllium, and valerian.

Senna, Liquorice and Yerba Mate

The tea also contains Senna, Liquorice and Yerba Mate (which we first found in “Brazilian diet pills“). Senna was reportedly being abused a few years ago by teens in the UK. It is a popular laxative, which gives us a hint as to how this tea works.

To clarify the ingredients the two teas are made as follows:

Daytime Detox

Chinese Oolong tea, Mate leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

Bedtime Cleanse

Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root, Psyllium seed.

There is an interesting first hand experience of the tea on Bikinis & Passports, where travel blogger Vicky shares her experience with Boo Tea – she shared a photo of the label:

bootea teatox

Vicky lost around half a kilo (about 1 pound) while taking the teatox. She did mention that this could have been down to the dietary changes – her exercise regime remained the same, with 3 workouts a week.

How Does It Work?

The idea is that you take the daytime detox when you wake up – simple infuse a tea bag in boiled water for 3 minutes and then drink when it has cooled sufficiently.

The bedtime clean is taken every 2 days. It is designed to produce a laxative effect, meaning you will want to go to the toilet! If you tend to suffer blockages, then it will clear you out. Vicky did say that she did not need to rush to the toilet, which could be because her bowels were not blocked, but it might also be a sign that the level of laxative in the tea was not enough to have the desired effect.

The laxative usually takes effect after 8 hours, so try to ensure you empty your bowels before heading off to work, otherwise you might find that you are caught short in the morning! Ideally, only take it if you are not planning to leave the house the following day, or morning at least.

The idea is simply that you do not give your body enough time to extract all the energy (sugar) from the food that you eat. By taking a laxative, you pass food faster through your body and this means less time for sugars to be absorbed through the intestine walls into the blood supply.

What Is Tea-Toxing?

Tea-toxing is a new term to describe the cleansing effect that some teas give. This cleansing effect seems to be limited to a laxative effect. Essentially, it involves clearing your bowels for a while.

Most people use it to lose weight, but unless you follow a calorie controlled diet and exercise plan in conjunction with the tea, you will not shed any fat.

Vicky described how here skin started to improve during the detox, although it is important to point out that she changed her diet too, and avoided dairy, alcohol, meat and coffee.

Bootea is a new brand that uses established ingredients. There is essentially nothing new about the underlying ingredients, it is just a new way to combine herbs and teas to create a cleansing and laxative effect to aid weight loss. It is nowhere near as drastic as the infamous “Beyonce maple syrup diet“, and as discussed previously, although there is a little evidence that Oolong tea aids fat loss, the overall opinion is that the effect is very small in comparison to the effects of eating fewer calories and exercising more!

Bootea is available for popular online stores such as Amazon, and also available direct from the Bootea website, where there are new products, such as the BOOTEA SHAKE (vanilla flavour) and Bootea Little Oats (pictured above), available. Bootea is positioning itself to be the next big diet and fitness brand. As well as their diet products, they are also creating fitness plans to help people get fit and burn fat. Watch this space for more on Bootea!

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