Get Fit and Lose Weight in 2010

Get fit and lose weight in 2010There are just 2 weeks left of 2009, and 11 days to go until Christmas. This is the time of the year that many people actually lose the benefits of all their hard work over the last year. One month long holiday feeding frenzy results in many people putting all the weight back on that they have lost by means of diets and new exercise regimes over the previous 11 months. So, lets look forward to getting fit and losing weight, again, in 2010.

What are the Top Ways to Get Fit and Lose Weight in 2010?

As we become more aware, usually by the media, of our increasing poor condition (obesity still on the rise, less adults and children exercising, more cancer and heart disease etc. etc.) we are slowly becoming ever so slightly more active once again. Also the credit crunch is keeping many people away from the expensive commercial gyms and working out at home, by themselves of with groups of friends. So, what are the most popular fitness activities likely to be for 2010?

Dancing For Fitness

Over the last years several new, or reformatted, methods of fitness have become more popular. Possibly the biggest increase in fitness is currently being driven by the continuing dance trend that has been triggered partly by the revival of ballroom dancing with the success of Dancing With the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing. Exercise classes such as Zumba and Flamenco are also growing in popularity, although they are still a minority fitness activity.

Nintendo Wii Fitness Games

Computer games have only ever had a bad reputation since they began. However, Nintendo are changing this with more fitness orientated titles for the Wii. The latest titles include The Biggest Loser which provides home exercise plans and eating advice as seen in the TV series.

Boot Camps

Fitness boot camps are still popular and on the rise. Many people are more motivated to get fit when working out outside with a group of other like-minded people. Plus a drill sergeant, or at least a fitness instructor acting like one, helps to keep people motivated.

Martial Arts

Martial arts clubs are now very well established, and have been for many years. However with the heightened awareness in the need for physical fitness, the interest in the boot camp / old school training, and the ever increasing fees of large commercial gyms, martial arts classes are likely to become more popular once again. Styles such as kickboxing and Western boxing continue to be popular, with also an ever growing interesting in MMA (mixed martial arts) and the UFC movement.

Athletics / Olympic Sports

Athletics has been in a slight decline in the UK in recent decades, but the fast approaching London Olympics in 2012 is likely to change that. Track and field events provide everything required to keep you in top physical shape which naturally helps to manage weight.

Bodybuilding / Weight Lifting

Two sports that have also lost favor in recent years, but are once again on the rise. Research has shown how weight training can help to strengthen the whole body to make it resist disease, heal faster and become less prone to injury. Plus it burns a huge number of calories, and with some basic free weights a good weight training routine can be followed at home. A true credit crunch beater!


Cycling, like many other sports, has been in decline. However, global warming is causing many governments and local councils to adopt greener transport strategies, and this resulting in cycle lanes being improved and extended in many cities. Most people do not cycle in cities due to fear, but with more cycle lanes and safer networks cycling is set to replace jogging as a fitness pastime.

Soccer / Football – World Cup Frenzy in 2010

The FIFA World Cup is being held in June and July 2010 in South Africa. This is likely to increase interest in soccer during and after the World Cup games. Soccer is an excellent team sport which requires good all round fitness, with endurance, intensive intervals and strength all playing a part.

As 2010 progresses we may see many other activities increase in popularity. We shall keep you posted.

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2 Comments on “Get Fit and Lose Weight in 2010”

  1. You have put together a good list here. Of all of your list I believe cycling is the way to go. Its low impact and relatively easy to maintain. But maybe I’m biased as I cycle maybe 40 hours a week! I wrote an article recently on weight loss with regards to endurance cycling that you may find interesting.

  2. Good list but a bit skeptical of video game fitness. I guess we’ll see how that goes. Our boot camps have been popular as have the small group personal training. We don’t offer dance but who knows, down the road.

    Offered our secret for getting fit recently:

    Best of luck this year!

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