Don’t Ask Google How To Lose Weight!

I just searched Google “how to lose weight” and was rather surprised by what I saw. It is obviously some clever new feature of Google, but the answer they gave was absolute nonsense. Here is a screenshot – try it for yourself and let us know if you get the same answers from Google:

Dont ask Google how to lose weight

Although I am sure that there is good reason for offering some of these tips, without explanation it is really quite useless information. Let’s run through each of them.

1. Write down what you eat for one week and you will lose weight

Yes, keeping a food diary is a good tool to lose weight as it allows you to identify when you are eating too much so that you can modify your diet. However, if you ea pizza four times a day and wash it down to cola and ice cream, writing it down ain’t gonna help!

2. Add 10 percent to the amount of daily calories you think you’re eating

This is mindboggling. So you want to lose weight …. you think you are eating 2000 Calories …. add 10% and start eating 2200 Calories. I have no idea how this helps you to lose weight. I assume that what Google meant was that most people think they eat less than they really do. In the BBC documentary it was found that some people eat as much as 50% more than they think they do.

3. Get an online weight loss buddy to lose more weight.

OK, this can certainly help. Getting motivation and advice from others is a good way to lose weight faster. Although, it really works to have a real life buddy who will drag you off the sofa and to the gym or our for a run.

4. Get a mantra

What? I guess they do not mean a mantra ray; that would be a little awkward. It could mean a yoga mantra. But how this leads to weight loss is something only Google can tell us. But they don’t.

5. After breakfast, stick to water …

…. and watch your body starve! OK, this is the best advice so far from Google for getting results. If you stop eating you will lose weight; fasting is a very effective way to shed some fat. But it is really irresponsible of Google to suggest this – kids will search Google and think that this is a good idea.

6. Watch one less hour of TV

Not sure how this helps. “Turn off the tele and read a book to lose weight!” ??? What they should say is, be more active for one hour every day.

7. Wash something thoroughly once a week

Bonkers. Google has lost the plot!

Wash your socks? Maybe wash your hair, or your bottom? Wash what? And how the hell does this aid weight loss Google? OK, if you wash the Empire State Building you would get pretty fit. But there are probably preventive laws in place.

Tip for the Day:

Don’t ask Google how to lose weight. Ask MotleyHealth. We may not be perfect, but at least we try our best to avoid bullshitting our readers with total nonsense (most of the time).

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