Learn To Be Young Again

Child with hoopThere is only one reason why people become overweight: it is because people go from being healthy and fit to being an unhealthy one and sedentary.

When we are at school our eating habits are restricted. Children can eat only during lunch break. This trend continues for a while after school for many people, as they follow sporting pursuits and their eating habits remain the same.

But time passes, and the good habits instilled during our formative years are eroded away. However, as adults we can make our own choices; all too often people choose to eat junk food and stop exercising. We start to snack more often, eat extra meals, become sedentary and stop exercising. It never happens on purpose, these habits just creep up on us.

If this sounds like you, remember that you are not alone. The latest statistics say that 35% of U.S. adults are obese; one in three people have a BMI of over 30. It is no wonder heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke is such a big problem today.

Don’t stop caring

For some it happens in a few months, for others it may take a decade before the problems start. But the reason is the same: we stop caring.

We forget what it is to be free, to be young, to have fun, to run with no reason, to climb and not care if we fall, and to stop to eat only when we have been called five times.

Be young again!

The one true rule to losing weight and getting slim again is to change, to go back to be young again.

Develop a strict eating regime and stick to it – when you were at school you did not snack all day or eat a second meal before bed, so stop doing that now.

Follow a fitness routine and never skip a class (unless you have a letter from a parent). Join a club, a sports team, a class or just go out and exercise on your own (see our home exercise advice for more tips on this).

Get up and change your life, be young again and most importantly, be happy again.

The real key to losing weight is to reverse the bad habits that have been formed over the past years. Being overweight is simply the result of eating more food than you need. As we grow older our daily calorie needs generally reduce, so diet must be adjusted to compensate.

When people continue to eat throughout their twenties in the same way that they ate during their teenage years they will put on weight.

A healthy diet really does help to reduce hunger and keep you slim. Regular exercise helps to burn more calories and reduce hunger by controlling the hormones that regulate appetite. Diet and fitness really is the answer. We are here to help.

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