5 Quick Tips To Lose Weight Before Christmas

One month today and most of us will be downing tools for a week of merriment and excess – yes, it’s almost Christmas! Most people will gain weight over Christmas and then struggle to lose that weight after – January is certainly our busiest month of the year.

But, why not flip tradition on its head this year? Lose weight now, then enjoy regaining that weight over the Xmas break? Just imagine starting the new year with a warm feeling of smugness that you do not need to lose weight, while all your friends, family and colleagues are moaning that they need to hit the gym or go on a diet. These 5 tips will help you shed some weight over the next four weeks.

1. Cut the Carbs

pasta and bread

How many times have you been told to do this, only to cave in when greeted with a slice of pepperoni pizza or a scrumptious sausage roll at a pre-Christmas party? Cutting carbs really does work – but its tough. We get so many calories from carbs that it can be hard for busy people to eat healthy without bread, pasta, rice, noodles, potatoes and similar. Eat eggs for breakfast, salads, soups, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables and pulses. Get healthy carbs instead of bread and pasta!

2. Quit Booze

quit booze

There is a new trend to go dry in January, but why not start now? Stop all the booze and you will drastically cut your weekly calorie intake. Then on Christmas Eve, you can start the festivities with a much deserved drink! Bottoms up!

3. Drink Water

drinking water

In fact, don’t just quit booze, quit everything except water. Drink only cool, fresh water for a month. The perfect “detox”, zero calories, no artificial chemical additions and the perfect way to re-hydrate after exercise….

4. Exercise Every Day

cardio exercise

Daily exercise is a great way to lose a few extra pounds. The combination of burning more calories and raising your metabolism will help break down fat. Daily exercise is all about creating a routine – we all love routines, as much as we may protest against them, and setting a time aside every day ensures we do not skip those all-important workouts.

5. Portion Control

portion control

Boring, but it’s gotta be said – keep portions under control. Most people no longer have one huge Christmas dinner, but several. In the run up to the 25th December you’ll probably have dinner with old friends, a get-together with neighbors, your work do, your partner’s work do, and maybe even a night out with gym buddies! If you are dining out once a week you will get through an additional 2000 Calories a week, so take it easy!

So, start losing weight today, so that you can enjoy Christmas to the full!




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