Kettlebell Training for Fitness and Strength

Exercising with kettlebells can be very intensive. Kettlebell workouts provide dynamic fat burning workouts that will help to build strong and athletic muscle. Ideal for women as they target the hips, thighs and butt. Progress from basic swings to power cleans and the Turkish Get Up for a fantastic workout experience.

Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke Diet

Jessica Simpson followed a new fitness regime (new for her) to get in shape for the Dukes of Hazzard. Learn her workout fat blasting workout here. It is a traditional circuit training workout with some powerful moves that help to build lean muscle and melt away fat.

Andrew Garfield’s – The Sushi Spiderman

Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman. Tobey Maguire has hung up his latex costume and now it is time for Garfield to take to the skies. However, Andrew Garfield is reinventing Spiderman again to create a character that is more boyish and much leaner than the ripped Tobey Maquire.

How To Burn 1000 Calories In One Day

Burning 1000 calories in one day is not as difficult as it sounds. In an intensive martial arts class you can expect to burn up to 700 calories in 60 minutes of kickboxing. On an exercise machine such as an…

Kelly Ripa’s Healthy ABCs

Kelly Ripa is in the news at the moment for making a funny remark about herself. She says that when she is working out in the gym she looks more like Peter Pan than Kelly Ripa. Who is Kelly Ripa?…

Builders Back Yard Workout

If you want to workout at home, but cannot afford the latest in home-gym technology, then there are cheaper options. You may actually already have at home everything you need to create and intensive cardio and resistance workout. The builders…

Cheerleader Fitness Workouts

Cheerleaders have to be extremely fit to perform their dance routines. Routines are often very intensive with acrobatics throws and jumps to wow the audience at a match.

Megan Fox Ditches Dairy

Megan Fox has shot to fame recently since appearing in the new Transformers films. A brunette with lots of tattoos, and plans to get more, people are already labelling her as the new Angelina Jolie. She has been declared World’s…

Football Training Drills and Soccer Workouts

Just like any other workout program, football training must work towards specific aims and objectives. Every football workout should start with a warmup, and finish with a cool down stretch. There are four key considerations in a football workout, which…

Britney Spears is Totally Bally Fit

Britney Spears has been in a press recently for all the wrong reasons. She has had a troubled divorce, custody battles over her children, and the media spotlight has generated a very stressful environment for her. However, it appears that…