Articles concerning women’s health issues as well as features on female athletes and celebrities who provide inspiration.

Kate Winslet Pilates!

Sometimes celebrities make it into the news for all the wrong reasons. This week it is Kate Winslet, the beautiful British actress who as proud to not have leaped on the size zero bandwagon that afflicts so many Hollywood actresses and models.

Pelvic floor workout

pelvic floor workout
This simple pelvic floor workout can help to prevent common disorders such as incontinence and dropped muscles. The idea behind this workout is to get fit from the inside out, which means to exercise the supporting of muscles, nerves and…

New Research in Sports Bras

Dr Scurr testing sports bra
Recent research has shown that when women exercise, it is not the amount of breast movement that causes most pain during exercise, but the speed at which the breasts move. The findings of this research could change the way sports…

How to Breastfeed Successfully

It is important to start from day one, as the body needs to be stimulated in order to produce milk. In fact it has been suggested that it is psychologically beneficial to the baby to breastfeed within two hours of…