Weight loss advice

Central Obesity, Diet and Metabolic Syndrome

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Central obesity is the most dangerous type of fat accumulation. Here we discuss the various medical conditions that may result from long term obesity and also provide some solutions to help you deal with the problem. The advice comes from an article published in Functional Foods in Health and Disease in 2011 which looked at the role of the Mediterranean Diet and weight management.

How Accurate Is Your Calorie Counting?

a Calorie and Nutrition Label
Many dieters use the trusted old method of counting calories to help lose weight. We know that a combination of regular exercise and restricting calories helps us lose weight, but many people fail to count correctly according to a recent…

10 Tips to Faster Weight Loss

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So long as you are not over eating then a few small changes to your daily diet may be all that is required to speed up your weight loss. These 10 tips are all tried and tested, so if you…

Kick Your Soda Habit to Fight the Fat

A new campaign has been kicked off in New York to promote healthy eating in an attempt to tackle the growing obesity crisis. It is estimated that 15 billion gallons of the soda is drunk in America each year which…

Is Hypnosis the Answer to Weight Loss?

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 20/04/2009 – 11:51pm While dining in a seaside cafe over the weekend I could not help hearing a conversation the cafe owner was having with a friend that stopped by on the way home. The cafe owner…