Running is possibly the simplest and most common form of exercise. Here we provide some advice on getting started, improving running and some interesting articles about running and runners. In our main article on the benefits of running we also discuss Christopher McDougall’s belief that humans are “born to run”.

Britons Swap Health Clubs for the Park

Young woman jogging through the park
It seems that people are finally realising that they can achieve as good a workout for free in their local park, than they can by joining an overpriced gym. Overweight Brits are ditching the gym and opting for “DIY” fitness…

The London Marathon

2011 London Marathon We are in the last week before the 2011 Virgin London Marathon which is being run this Sunday 17th April. The weather is looking good, clear skies but not too hot. Runners are in their final week…

Quick Ways to Improve Your Running Efficiency

African American male running on the beach bare foot
Follow these simple running tips and you should hopefully improve your performance, get fitter, stronger and suffer less injuries. Avoid Fatigue It is important to build up your fitness levels at a sensible rate. If you charge into a new…

The World Marathon Calendar

For many running enthusiasts the ultimate goal each year is to run a marathon and to beat their previous time. Some people run several marathons a year, and this often involves taking time out for traveling and preparation.