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Brazil Nuts – Supernut or Deadly?

Brazil nuts have a high level of cholesterol, unlike many other nuts, and this can increase the risk of heart disease. The an culprit for this increased cholesterol is the high levels of selenium which they contain.

Is the Organic Food Diet all Baloney?

A recent study has revealed what many people have suspected for a long time – organic food is not any better for your health than conventional food grown using herbicides and pesticides. The organic food market is huge, with many…

How To Maintain Super Health With Super Foods

There has been some controversy over the term “super foods” in recent months, as some nutritionists and health advisers have warned that this term is misleading the public into believing that good health is attainable simply by adding a few…

Superfoods Are No Longer Superfoods By Name

New EU regulations mean that many foods that have been branded as “superfoods” can no longer be so called, unless scientific evidence can be provided of their super status. Blueberries, salmon, spinach and soy have all been branded as superfoods,…