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Sugar, Carbohydrates and Your Health

Sugar still remains as one of the most misunderstood part of our diet. On one hand it provides vital energy for healthy body function and fuels the brain, on the other hand it often contributes to calorie excesses and weight…

How Super are Superfoods?

The media love reporting news of superfood discoveries, but is there really any such thing as a superfood? The fact is, often the foods are not all that super at all. Sensationalist reporting just makes them seem super.

Health Benefits Of Eating More Broccoli

It turns out that the humble broccoli is not so humble after all. In fact, it could well be one of the most important and mist readily available “super foods”. Its secret ingredient is called sulforaphane which is thought to reduce damage at the cellular level.

How Food Affects Mood, Health and Personality

A healthy diet provide more benefits than just a healthy and fit body. Mental health is also affected by diet which is why it is so important to maintain a healthy diet at all times. The food that we eat changes the way we feel and this can result in all manner of physical and behavioural issues.

Eating Purple Food May Boost Health

In recent years we have reported that colorful fruit and vegetables help to boost health. Also we have reported that purple potatoes and deep purple tomatoes (more on these below) contain an abundance of anti-oxidants that boost health. New research provides more evidence of…

The Ultimate List of Fat Burning Foods

by Samantha Richards, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. My overall goal is to give you recipes for healthy food that is both delicious and beneficial to your overall health, preferably for years to come, getting you closer to physical fitness and…

Understanding Potatoes, "White Foods" and the Glycemic Index

It is important to have a good understanding of carbohydrates, especially “white foods” and potatoes. Many heath and fitness professionals encourage people to avoid potatoes because they are high on the glycemic index. Some of these professionals even tell people to “avoid any and all white carbohydrates”.