Our section for men includes health and fitness articles specific to men as well a male celebrities and athletes who inspire us.

Daniel Craig – Live and Let Diet

The Bond workout concentrates on different muscle groups each day, with an intensive interval training afterwards. Learn to bulk up and build function strength. Daniel Craig not only proved that blond guys can plan tough secret agents (although he does take a bigger beating than any other Bond!) but also that a secret agent should be a tough guy!

Do Men Really Care About Their Weight?

Studies show that although more men are starting to take their health more seriously most still do not care. The most striking observation is that in wealthier households men are becoming more likely to be obese even if their partners are fit and healthy. Why don’t men care about their weight? Are men living in denial or just lazy?

Jimmy Carr Lost 3 Stone By Not Eating At Night

Jimmy Car is not exactly the biggest comedian around so to learn that he lost 40 pounds was a surprise. He said that he was grateful for having such a good tailor before he lost weight! His method of losing weight was shockingly simple really, but one that many people will struggle to maintain. He is not a fan of exercise at all, which accounts for his weight gain in recent years. But he has managed to lose weight without getting much more active than he was before.

Mark Wahlberg’s Training and Diet for The Fighter

Mark Warhlberg managed to transform himself into a contender. He had to follow a real boxing program to not only get as fit as a real professional boxer but also to learn how to fight well enough to make the action seem real. He is a true player and a fantastic example of what a man can achieve in a relatively short time if they are willing to work hard.

More men are opting for breast reduction surgery

Gynecomastia - aka man boobs
The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have today announced that the latest figures reveal that consultations and operations for male breast reduction surgery has increased by 28% since last year. As more people become obese, there is are increased cases of…

Matt Damon’s Superstar Workouts

Matt Damon has had a very successful career as an unsuspecting action hero. His career started with dramas, and it was Good Will Hunting which propelled him to international stardom. Since then he has appeared in a variety of films including Saving…

Will Smith is in Legendary Shape

We have already looked at both his son Jaden Smith and wife Jada Smith, so it only seems right that we take a look at the big guy himself, and discuss how Will Smith stays in such a great shape.…

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Earlier this year we took a brief look how Brad Pitt’s and Daniel Craig’s training methods differed. Daniel Craig trains to develop larger and bulkier muscles, whereas Brad Pitt looks more like a lean, mean, fighting machine. Brad Pitt’s ripped…