Martial arts

MMA Workout To Build Strength and Endurance

MMA is fast becoming the most popular competition martial art. As it takes the best parts from several styles, i.e. kicking, punching, grappling, throwing and submission wrestling, it is the closest to a true fight that can be had while…

Mark Wahlberg’s Training and Diet for The Fighter

Mark Warhlberg managed to transform himself into a contender. He had to follow a real boxing program to not only get as fit as a real professional boxer but also to learn how to fight well enough to make the action seem real. He is a true player and a fantastic example of what a man can achieve in a relatively short time if they are willing to work hard.

Christian Bale’s weight loss for The Fighter

Christian Bale keeps getting roles that require him to either lose a lot of weight or gain a lot. In this latest role he was back to losing weight again. Gone are his Batman days, now he is playing the role of Dicky Eklund, a drug addict that literally wastes away.

Kickboxing Fight Preparation

By Mike Brooks In recent months many of you have requested more information on martial arts training, specifically preparation for kickboxing competitions. We contacted personal trainer and amateur kickboxer Michael Brooks and asked if he would be willing to share…

Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts

Jeet Kune Do means Way of the Intercepting Fist, and is the martial arts style that Bruce Lee developed to combine what he had discovered after spending years studying every popular fighting style available to him.