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Cycling For Fitness and Weight Loss

Cycling around town in Oxford
As far as healthy outdoor pursuits go, cycling is one of the healthiest and most social pastimes that you can enjoy. Cycling has many benefits over other forms of exercise, for example, once you have purchased your bike there are…

A Beautiful Tool For Health and Fitness

String beans
The Glycemic Index was described by Dr. Atkins as “A Beautiful Tool“. It is used by diabetics to help manage blood sugar levels and is also a key reason why the paleo, stone-age and primal diet systems all aid weight loss…

8 CrossFit Classes Reviewed

I recently discovered a CrossFit club in my hometown and immediately signed up. I did a taster session on a Saturday morning and then started a series of eight 90 minute induction classes. How many gyms offer 12 hours of…

Dangerous Diets

Every year we hear reports of people becoming ill from following extreme “diets”. In some rare cases the diets prove fatal. While many products are regulated and sometimes banned, ideas, misconceptions and bad advice cannot be so easily controlled. Some diet…

Fitness And Weight Loss Advice For Women

Losing your tummyand getting a slim and well defined abdomen is a long-term goal for most people, so persevere and not give up. You can do it, and we are here to help. Regular exercise and a healthy diet really is the key to getting your great body back.

A Guide To Workout Nutrition

Fitness instructor holding a protein shake
If you are exercising intensively you need to start thinking about nutrition. Whether you are trying to lose fat or build more muscle, or both, then getting your diet right is vital for success.