Circuit training

Circuit training workouts are a very effective way to get fit. They can be done in classes or alone and with or without equipment. Circuit training is often incorporated into all sports training as well as martial arts and military drills. Here we share some circuit training workouts that will get your heart thumping and lactic acid flowing in no time!

Circuit Training Workouts – The Best Home Exercises

Circuit training is one of the best home fitness routines that you can do to get fast results at little cost. The exercises can all be done with no equipment. Some exercises need a partner, but this routine has 12 exercises that you can do at home, in the park or at the gym. Old school and very effective.

Get Fit for the Slopes with our Ski Workouts

The summer is finally coming to a close. All over Europe and North America people are starting to excited about the forthcoming winter. While the sun worshippers mourn at their loss the skier tribes start to dust off their jackets and polish…

Old School Fitness and Strength Training

Circuit training is one of the best ways to gain all round fitness and strength. Intensive circuit training can be done inside sports halls as well as in the park. Each exercise is performed at a station. There are usually no or few weights involved.

Fat Burning or Time Wasting Zone?

fat burning zone
Many heart rate monitors, especially those incorporated into fitness equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers and bicycles, have a fat burning zone. The idea is that if you workout in your ‘fat burning zone’ you will burn more fat than…

James McAvoy’s Wanted Workout

James McAvoy has been working out for his role as Wesley Gibson in Wanted. McAvoy famously said that he would prefer to eat dog poo that exercise, but unfortunately for him (and fortunately for his foxy co-star Angelina Jolie), he…