Bodybuilding is the art of increasing muscle size and improving definition by means of weight training and dieting. While bodybuilding competitions may not appeal to many people, bodybuilding is ultimately the reason why most people go to the gym. If you wish to have toned legs, a bigger chest or biceps, a six pack or wide shoulders, then you need to be bodybuilding.

Pope Meets with Arnold Schwarzenegger to Plan Father Universe Competition

Portrait of Pope Francis smiling
We originally ran this story in 2010, then come April 1st of 2012 we could not resist re-publishing it. An April Fool, but it really could be a good idea. Maybe more organisations should start running their own fitness competitions to motivate staff and members to get in shape. Weight loss clubs are not uncommon in offices around the world, so why not Mr. Corporate Universe competitions?

Want To Get Really Beefed Up?

Have you ever wondered what it means to want to get “beefed up”? Well, it is more obvious than you may think, and it also is very relevant to the bodybuilding world, although not so relevant to athletics and weight…