Weight gain since PCO – how to lose weight on tummy and hips?

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I am 26 and weight 68 kgs, height 5.3′.
4 years back I was 56 kg and then i was diagnosed with PCO.
Though the cysts dissolved after a year of medications but i started putting on weight.
I almost reached 72kgs. But I exercise (jogging for half an hour & stretching for 15 min) , still the results are not that good. Moreover I have developed way to excess fat on my tummy & hips.

Please advise how to improve the weight loss process and reduce the excess fat of my tummy and hips region.

Any specific diet plan you could suggest? I am a vegetarian (I take eggs).

Waiting for your reply.


(P.S – This is the 1st time I am putting up a question because i see really good advise on some of the cases, hope i get some good guidance too.)


Hello Ayati,

We have had a question about PCO already, so our answer here will be helpful to you also: How to lose weight with PSO syndrome?. PCO and PSO are the same thing.

You need to tackle this is two ways. First is to completely clean up your diet. Basically you need to drastically reduce all refined carbs, sugar, processed meals, junk food, soda etc. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Eggs are a great source of protein. The nutritional advice in our vegan fitness article will help you to learn what to eat too.

Regarding exercise, you really need to do more. Weight training / resistance exercise is proven to help combat this type of fat and helps with hormonal weight gain. Take a look at our article The best strength training exercises for women.

One of the problems with conditions such as PCO is that you naturally feel hungrier and so want to eat more. The only way to combat this is the plan your meals so that you do not overeat and get more exercise to help burn the fat off.

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