I’m way too skinny, cannot gain weight

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Hi, I am Chris I’m 16 nearly 17 and roughly 5’9 and weigh 8.2 stone so about 52.1kg I’m way too skinny I’ve been trying to put on weight as much as possible in the past 3 years of me growing I’ve only gained 2 stone. I don’t know what to do because of the health complications that come with it, but the problem is I know that the added 2 stone is the muscle I’ve put on and I’m still only 8!

I’m going to be going to the doctors soon because of me feeling irregularities with my chest but I’m very worried that I won’t be here for long because of my stupid body and its inability to gain weight.- I’ve already considered its genetic because of my mum and dad but still :/ ty for any replies


Hi Chris,

The first suggesting that you do need to get an official medical opinion, we cannot really make any suggestions regarding exercise without know what the irregularities with your chest are or what your parents also have suffered from.

Your body mass index is 17, so you are certainly underweight at the moment.

Do you exercise at all? And do you eat three meals a day?

For many people the biggest cause of being underweight is a small appetite. It is important that even if you are not feeling very hungry you eat your three daily meals. Meals should be well balanced and nutritious. You need protein and carbohydrates to grow and develop, under-nourishment now may cause permanent stunted growth.

Some suggested meals: Breakfast, eat oats, such as a bowl of muesli or make some porridge. In addition to this eat one boiled egg. For lunch have a hot meal if possible, protein and 3 vegetables and a dessert. For the smaller meal something like sandwiches, with one or two fillings plus salad. If weight does not increase add a daily protein drink, this adds calories and extra protein which is needed for muscle growth.

Many people struggle to gain weight, much to the annoyance of all those who struggle to lose it. A combination of weight training and more food should see you gain weight.

Make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to a dietician and also get some official advice regarding your chest. Hopefully a good diet plan will help you to gain some weight and if possible start exercising to help promote muscle growth. Bodyweight exercises will probably be best, but do consult with a doctor first.

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