I am 70 years old and 260 lbs a 6’2″

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I am 70 years old and 260 lbs a 6’2″ with a 48 inch gut, no waist. I would be happy with a waist around 40″ at around 220 pounds.

Would the advice in Your Summer Fitness and Diet Plan be good for me to achieve my goals or was this only aimed at women? My doctor said to get the weight off with Diet and Exercise but offers no advice.



Hi Larry,

Typical of doctors today – they are great at prescribing but rarely provide advice do they?

The summer workout plan would probably be a great start. Daily activity with a combination of light cardio such as walking and some weight training will burn extra calories and help to improve your fitness. The intensive intervals may be too much so best to avoid those and start easy.

Diet is going to be key here, and possibly the hardest part too. It is much easier for many people to start exercising a little every day than it is to reverse decades of bad eating habits!

The trick though really is to do what you doctor prescribed – Diet and Exercise! Take a look at the pages in the nutrition part of the site. The key really is going to be to reduce total calories and remove all the junk food and snacks in between meals.

In 2010 we reported that Anthony Hopkins lost 80 pounds, he was 73 years old. He did it by walking a lot more, including power walking at the gym. He followed a low sugar / low GI diet. It took him about 2 years to do it.

Take your time, do not expect rapid results. Just keep working at it a little every day. You might also find our guide Start Losing Weight Today With Our Diet and Exercise Advice useful.

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