Cannot lose my tummy fat

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Hi there. Thanks for all the tips and advice on the website!

I was looking for such tips as I have lost quite some weight in the past few weeks but I still have some tummy fat. I was never really fat before but I felt like being in shape again so I dropped a couple of kilos.

How?? Well as I wasn’t doing sports at all for a few months now, so I started exercising on a regular basis. For the past one and a half month, I have been jogging or playing tennis once in every two days. I also do exercises that focus on abs. It wasn’t easy at all at first as I had quite some fat and I wasn’t in shape any more. But then your body kinda gets used to doing sports again and you improve real fast.

As for the diet, I have cut all snacks, junk food and sodas obviously. I’m just hoping my diet isn’t too bad though, can you maybe let me know what you think?

Basically the idea is to have a good breakfast (as opposed to a light bfast or no bfast at all) so that I am not hungry in the afternoon. Lately I’ve had brown bread with small quantities of either light butter or light jam.

Then for lunch, I have food that I like but I make sure it’s not too fat. I usually go for some meat (chicken, beef or fish usually) with pasta or rice or boiled potatoes. I use olive oil for the meat but I make sure to use just enough and to get rid of the fat. I may have a yogurt and/or coffee to end my lunch.

Dinner needs to be a light one. I usually either go for a salad or for fruits (apples or a melon). And that’s it. It’s been working out pretty well so far so that’s good. I’m just hoping my diet isn’t bad.
I’ll add one more thing. For dinner, like I said, I have been having salad or fruits.

Lately I’ve had less and less food for dinner as I’m not too hungry any more (perhaps my body got used to not having big meals for dinner?). Anyway lately I’ve been having only 1 apple for dinner. And I feel fine after that. Is that not too little? It does not feel like it.

What do you think?



Hi Mehdi, you are probably getting enough energy and nutrition on that diet. If the aim is to lose fat then you do indeed need to eat less. However, the only way to know is to try and monitor your results. Weigh yourself weekly, take waist, hip, thigh, chest and arm measurements each week also. Keep up with the exercise – and focus on getting fitter too.

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  1. Thanks for your help! All I have been doing in the past few weeks has been working quite alright. Not only did I lose weight but I also got fitter and more muscled. I’m aware the remaining tummy fat is the toughest to get rid of but I think I’m getting there. Smile

    Do you really think I need to eat less? I’m actually worried I don’t eat enough.

    I mean, I used to have snacks in between meals – which was a terrible habit. Now that I don’t do that anymore, it feels like I don’t have enough food, especially at night. But I’m fine as I don’t feel hungry although I feel I should be hungry.

    Let me give you an example. Let’s say I have breakfast around 9.30 or 10AM and lunch around 1.30PM, then I do not eat anything until 8.30 or 9PM and all I’m having then is an apple. I go to bed around 12.30 – 1 in the morning.

    So the only food I’m having between 2PM and 10AM the next day is an apple. Is that ok? Is having just one apple for dinner fine?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Mehdi, sorry, when I said “If the aim is to lose fat then you do indeed need to eat less” I was just supporting your current approach, not suggesting that you actually ate less than you are.

    As for ” Is that ok?” – just monitor the changes. If you are losing weight too fast then you are not eating enough. If you are exercising often and losing weight at a steady rate (taking waist measurements is best if your goal is to get a slimmer tummy) then you are doing OK. If fat loss stops, you need to change something.

    So for now, carry on as you are, take weekly waist measurements, log your progress. If you are worried that you are not eating enough, then eat a little more. Just be prepared to compensate with more exercise if weight loss halts.

  3. I see, sorry for not getting what you meant the first time. Might have been obvious but maybe I didn’t get that because I’m not a native, apologies :)

    I don’t have a scale at home so I haven’t really kept track of how much weight I have lost or at what pace. I’m just hoping it’s not too fast. Once you’re done with your diet I guess you need to get your body progressively used to having normal meals again as opposed to reduced meals? Otherwise if you switch back too fast you might end up putting on weight again, right?

    I’ve been on a diet for nearly 7 weeks now, how soon do you think I can get back to having normal meals again? I thought I would make the transition last half the time I have been on a diet, i.e. here between 3 and 4 weeks – if I we to stop my diet tomorrow. What do you think?

    And obviously I’ve learned my lessons!! No more snacks in between meals (I don’t need them anymore) and trying not to have junk food too often :)

    Thanks again for your precious advice.


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