Can I use a Reebok 7 Series Precision Cross Trainer at zero resistance?

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I am an unfit 40yr old woman, 3 stone overweight…..
I have just been given a Reebok 7 Series Precision Cross Trainer but unfortunately the computer/display does not work at all.
Can I still get some benefit from using it at zero resistance? I was told it would be the same as running but I just wanted some advice first.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Sarah,

You certainly can use it at zero resistance. In fact, the resistance will not be zero, as in no resistance, just zero added. There will be some mechanical resistance, albeit only a little.

Once you build up some fitness you could do sprint intervals. After warming up for 10 minutes at an easy to moderate pace, you do short sprints (around 30 seconds) and then a couple of minutes at easy pace. This will ensure that you get a good workout and help to burn additional calories.

If you are tired after a workout you are working hard enough. If at the end of a workout on zero resistance you are not feeling tired, we need to rethink the plan a little.

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