Low GI Diet Plan eBook – now only $2.99!

Low GI Diet ebook

Low GI Diet Plan eBook, only $2.99

With New Recipes and Workouts!

Learn how to eat great foods that will reduce your hunger, improve your health and aid weight loss. A scientific based diet used by nutritionists and dietitians.

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Prescribed by nurses and used by celebs such as Britney Spears and Sharon Stone, this is a simple yet effect weight management system. This is the diet which paleo, primal, warrior and caveman diets are all based on. The low glycemic diet plan teaches you how to eat low GI foods to manage your weight.

Also called the slow carb diet, the low GI diet is the most natural way to lose weight. High glycemic foods result in sugar turning to fat lose weight. Eating a slow carb lunch makes you feel fuller for longer, and less likely to snack. But for those time you have to snack, eating low GI snacks instead of sugar laden junk will give you more energy and improve your health.  Our book provides you with the insulin index of foods so that you can manage your diet yourself, as well as providing slow carb diet meal ideas and a low glycemic foods list, the plan provides workout and exercise advice that is perfectly matched to low GI living.

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Book Description

A low glycemic index diet helps you to lose weight for 2 key reasons:

  • It helps you to manage your appetite
  • It encourages the body to breakdown fat more often

What’s Inside?

  • Why a Low GI Diet works
  • Low Glycaemic Index Foods
  • GI Diet Advice
  • Learn About Low Glycemic Foods
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy weight permanently

There is more to healthy eating than just avoiding fried food and eating some fruits. Our bodies require a careful balance of specific foods to be truly healthy. The Low GI Diet Plan will teach you how.

Product details

  • Title: MotleyHealth Low GI Diet Plan
  • Author: Jon Wade
  • Publisher: MotleyHealth
  • Language: English
  • First Published: 2011

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Why A Low Glycemic Diet?

Because this glycemic index guide helps you to change your old eating habits and teaches you to eat the right food that will help you to lose weight healthily.

You will also learn which food you should avoid and which food is good to keep your calories down and your energy level high. It’s not all beans though!

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68 Comments on “Low GI Diet Plan eBook – now only $2.99!”

  1. Thank You soooooooo much Motley, you’ve been grateful to me in advising the diet as well as work outs..
    I would surely follow all the above and get in touch with you in case or if found any difficulty or also after the improvement in me..
    Once again a big Thank you..

  2. pls i will like to advice to on how to lose my belly fat and lose weight too, secondly, my boobs are very small, i don’t know if their is any means to make it grow out. thanks

  3. Hi mercy_tony, for losing belly fat, follow the diet plan set out in the book and take regular exercise. There is not a lot you can do regarding the other issue. Learn to love your body.

  4. Hi Parth, 200 is the lower end of “high”, in fact anything under 150 mg/L is considered normal. Triglycerides come from food. They are a source of energy. So there are several factors that may need to be addressed:

    1. Change your diet so that you are eating less saturated fat and less sugar.
    2. Increase your activity levels / exercise to help utilise the energy (fat), i.e. “burn it off”.
    3. Cut back, or stop, alcohol.
    4. Eat more healthy fats – foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids – oily fish etc.
    5. If you are overweight, try to lose weight.
    6. More high fibre / low GI vegetables

  5. Hi,
    My height is 5’3″ and weight is 56. I want to reduce 4 kgs and bring my weight down to 52 kgs. I walk for about 40 mins every day and have lost 1 kg, but i want the results soon. Can you suggest exercises to loose weight quickly. Also, how often can chocolates and other sweets be taken if one needs to loose weight.

  6. Hi Garima. To lose weight quicker you need to exercise more, so start doing more intensive exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming, circuit training etc. As for how often can you eat chocolates and sweets – the only honest answer is, not at all! Lose your 4 kg and then treat yourself to a little chocolate. After that, make it a small weekly treat – get out of the habit of eating it all the time.

  7. Thanks for the reply.
    may be that’s the reason i m so slow to lose weight as i keep eating chocolates or some thing sweet, when ever i feel the urge.. will have to control that.

  8. hello I’m a 50 yr old male. I have weighed within 11 pounds for the last 8 years. I would like to loose 20 pounds. I weigh 225 5ft7. I do tai chi, stretching and lift free weights, aerobics for fibromyalgia which I have had fro 0ver 25 yrs. I’m on meds that can cause weight gain. I have this chronic pain condition but I still remain active any ideas-I am trying to watch portion control and I do eat alot of vegatable and fruits. I replace sugar w/splenda


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