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Michael Phelps has announced on that the The Michael Phelps Foundation is be supporting the Level Field Fund.

The Michael Phelps Foundation has committed $100,000 to start Level Field Fund, which is a scheme to increase funds available to talented swimmers in need of financial assistance.

If you are a swimmer and feel that you may be able to benefit from this fund then send your application. Applications Received by September 15, 2010, will be Evaluated for Funding This Year.

How Did The Level Field Fund Start?

Ross Powers is an Olympic Gold Medalist and the founder of the Ross Powers Foundation and the Level Field Fund. He grew up in a single-parent household with limited financial resources. Despite his talent, drive, and commitment, he would not have had the chance to succeed in the sport of snowboarding without generous financial support from individuals in his community.

For this reason he set about forming the Level Field Fund to give all athletes a chance to compete on a “level playing field” and to hopefully take elitism out of sport.

The Level Field Fund’s founding partner is OrthoLite who is also donating $1 for every pair of insoles sold.

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