Terry Pratchett, the Nanny State and Empowering People

Last night Terry Pratchett summed up very well one reason for the lack of general health and medical knowledge that people have today. It is simply that doctors and other health professionals do not like the general public to take their health into their own hands. In Terry’s case, Alzheimers, there is still a lot of ongoing research into the condition. He has donated a large sum of cash to leading researchers to find a solution, and is also supporting some more unconventional approaches. His attitude is that if it causes no harm try it.

Obviously for some serious conditions this is a pretty sensible approach, however for many conditions, especially those related to nutrition, it is vital that the general public can empower themselves to make better decisions regarding what they eat, how much they eat, and how much exercise they do.

A recent study actually showed that many people want a “Nanny State”, people appreciate the Government telling them what to do regarding healthy eating, as they do not know otherwise. However, this information is freely available for those willing and capable of reading sites such as this. However, even on MotleyHealth the information provided is so varied and the site is becoming larger everyday, that many people struggle to find the information that they need. Personalised information is something that more people are now demanding. Luckily this is something that the internet should be able to offer, maybe in a better way than doctors can provide. The question is, how do we improve this site, to allow you, the reader, to empower yourself to improve your lifestyle?

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