Superstars Martin Offiah Wins Dips Challenge, but Steve Redgrave’s Team Win Tug of War

The new series of Superstars got underway last night. The first show was the team selection. First each team captain, Kelly Holmes, Steve Redgrave, Mike Catt and Roger Black, each had a climbing challenge on an indoor climbing wall. The one the reached the top fastest got first choice for their team. Kelly Holmes showed great spirit and practically sprinted to the top, leaving all the men floundering on the rocks below. Steve Redgrave managed second place, followed closely by Mike Catt, and Roger Black was last.

Kelly Holmes chose Iwan Thomas for her team, the current 400m UK record holder. Steve Regdrave chose Alain Baxter, the Scottish skier for his team. Mike CAtt went with Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and Roger Black went with sprinter Jason Gardener.

The next selection round involved the new team members competing in a diving competition, which resulted in Roberto Di Matteo joining Kelly Holmes, Shelley Rudman, the skeleton racer (a one person sled) joining Mike Catt, Chris Boardman joining Roger Black and Martin Offiah joining Mike Catt.

The final selection round was the dips contest, which simply involves performing as many dips as possible in 60 seconds. Shelley Rudman did not take part, instead saving her upper body strength for the tug of war final. Martin Offiah stormed to victory making the most of his superior upper body strength. Although he was the heaviest contender, he was the strongest in this area.

The tug of war final saw Steve Redgrave’s team winning. Steve acted as anchor man, and held his team in place, and utilised his rowing tactics to get the team to move as one and pull his team to victory.

Next week the Superstars will battle it out in a 800m race, kayaking, archery and the long jump. Superstars is sponsored by Maximuscle.

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