Pineapple Studios Boss Wastes an Opportunity to Promote Healthy Living

Homeopathy seems to have been getting some bad press recently, which it rightly deserves. However, now an article in the Daily Mail newspaper (online edition) is once again promoting the view that homeopathy is a valid form of health care.

Debbie Moore is a dancer and founded Pineapple Studios, which is a dance school. She claims that she has been in such good health in the last 42 years, that she has not required any medical treatment. This is a great story. A woman who has dedicated her life to healthy living, with regular, fun exercise and a healthy diet, has not been ill in over 4 decades! A true triumph for healthy eating and exercise. But no, she chooses instead to attribute her health to homeopathy, because back in 1968 she received advice from a practitioner of homeopathy to help with her depression.

She took up dance and improved her diet, as well as taking some homeopathy pills. Even though studies have shown quite clearly that both exercise and diet affects mental health as well as physical wellbeing, she has decided that the dancing, which eventually led to a very successful career and business, was not the cause for her improved state of mind and health. No, it was the sugar pills.

In addition to her problems in 1968, she mentions two other cases. Firstly, she suffered from a parasitic infection of the blood after a trip to Thailand. Rather than seek proper medical help, she saw her homeopathic doctor who gave her wormwood and black walnut herbs. She got better after a few days, but decides that it was not her healthy immune system that saved her, but the herbal medicine.

Her daughter suffered two spinal hemorrhages when she was a child which left her paralysed. She refused to allow conventional treatments, and instead she employed homeopathic and alternative doctors to give her massages and acupuncture. Her daughter is still in a wheelchair today at the age of 36.

She also wears infrared underwear. Let’s not go there.

The main concern is that this article appeared in one of the most popular newspapers in the UK, and many people are influenced by such papers. There is no evidence that any of her treatments actually helped her. It really is possible that if she sought proper medical advice for her daughter they may have been able to save her spine. Maybe she did, and just omits this information in the interview that she gave to the Daily Mail. However, people will infer that homeopathy works where conventional medicine does not. This is simply not true. The only way homeopathy works is by way of the placebo affect.

This article could have been about how exercise and healthy diet helped an overweight and depressed woman turn her life around and start again. It could help promote healthier lifestyles which could then help to tackle the ever growing obesity crisis. But instead it promotes quackery and pseudoscience that probably had a very limited affect on her change in health and fortune.

Source: MailOnline – The dance boss who hasn’t seen a GP for 42 years… thanks to natural remedies and a pair of infrared pants

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  1. Marcia Gomes
    April 7, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I think conventional medicine should never be replaced by alternative ones. But they could work together. If patients are getting better with homeopathy due to the placebo effect, surely it is a good thing for the patient.

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