Our Fitness and Weight Loss Predictions for the New Year

New Years Eve 2017OK, a website is not complete with some wacky predictions for the forthcoming year. So, what is likely to be hot in the next year? What new trends will be set among those looking to lose their gut, reduce weight and get fit? Lets have some fun and try to predict. Some of these are really just wishful thinking….

  • More people will get free exercise outdoors in large public funded outdoor gyms.
  • Smartphone apps will not only continue to record exercise but will also actively encourage and adjust exercise programs.
  • Tax on junk food
  • More regulation of the food industry – following changes in tobacco and alcohol
  • Wii and other consoles will start to provide an excellent fitness solution. When Wii Sports came out it was fun, but did not provide any structured workouts. Wii Fit solved this, but some felt it was still not suitable for a serious workout. Future releases are likely to provide real solid solutions to home fitness, combined with monitoring and communities attached.
  • New medical research will lead to a new super diet! This is an easy prediction, as this happens every year. In reality, the same rules apply, it is just that there is a little new research to back up what has been known by nutritionists for decades. The tabloid press will not tell anyone this though, so everyone will think it is new!
  • The government will come up with a new scheme that really does get people active and interested in exercise again. Also, this scheme will have the legs to keep it running for years to come, rather than being yet another failed pilot study.
  • Government intervention will finally crack down on the aggressive and irresponsible marketing and advertising techniques used by the junk food industry.
  • Another old diet book that was ignored when it was first published will suddenly become really popular. This book will not actually say anything new, but some celebrities will buy it and talk about it and everyone will think it is another new revolution.
  • But ….. More fast food shops will open
  • But ….. More people will develop type 2 diabetes
  • But ….. More people will die from obesity related illness
  • Hopefully some of us will reverse this trend and live a healthy fulfilling life.

There, those are our predictions for this year.

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