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MotleyHealth Founder Jon Wade does Movember

Jon Wade, Founder of MotleyHealth

What Is Movember?

Movember was created by a couple of Aussies in 2003 who wanted to make moustaches popular again and also do something to create more awareness of men’s health issues. The idea is that the moustache is a badge to be worn for a month in the same way that many people wear a pink badge to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In 2004 the campaign started to focus on Prostate Cancer as this is the main cancer that affects men. Although the Mo Bros do not mention it, Frank Zappa, who had a very distinctive moustache, died from prostate cancer.

How Does Movember Work?

It is very simple (us guys like it that way). You start the month of November clean shaven and then grow a moustache from there. You can sign up to the website to create your donations page where you can add photos. There others can rate your moustache (please rate mine) and donate. You obviously gain none of the donations yourself, it all goes to charity.

Which Charities Does Movember Support?

Movember supports cancer charities all over the World, and where you are located determine which charities your profile will send funds to. Here are just a few of them:

It may be too late for you to become a Mo Bro this year, but it is not too late to donate.

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