Let out your anger to reduce heart disease

New research by Stockholm University published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has shown that men that allow their anger to build up without releasing it are more likely to develop heart disease. The act of venting your anger on something really does help you. Bottling it up is bad for your heart.

The study found that men who coped by walking away or who often let things pass without saying anything, had double the risk of a heart attack or dying from serious heart disease compared to men who challenged and dealt with the situation head-on. Developing a headache or stomach ache or getting into a bad temper at home, did not increase the risk of heart attack or heart disease.

The researchers believe that anger can produce physiological tensions if it is not released and that these lead to increases in blood pressure which eventually damage the cardiovascular system.

This once again proves that poor working conditions and irresponsible managers can actually cause their workforce serious ill health. Once more is known, then there could in the future be cases where employees have sued companies for stress induced heart attacks.

Best Ways to Vent Your Anger and Frustration

  1. Breathe. Deep breathing and counting slowly to 10 really does help. Calm yourself, close your eyes, and breathe deep from the abdomen.
  2. If confrontation occurs in the workplace, take a stroll. Walk around the block to calm down before going back to the office.
  3. If possible, speak to someone about it. Talking helps more than most people realize. Men are especially useless when it comes to discussing such things. Speak to a trustworthy colleague or human resources or your partner.
  4. Fight. Or at least mimic fighting by working on a punch bag, or get padded up and do some sparring. This will not only help to de-stress you but you will also learn how to convert your anger into a more productive form of energy.
  5. Go for a run, swim, or do some aerobics etc. Generally any type of exercise is good to help relieve pent up anger. Playing team sports while angry is not recommended as your anger may disrupt your game too much. Best to get it out before.
  6. Do not turn to the bottle, as this will make things worse.


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