Inquiry into Bringing up Baby nanny Claire Verity

Many people felt that Channel 4 acted irresponsibly by allowing Claire Verity to air her views and opinions on how to bring up children, due to the outdated and potentially harmful effects of adopting her cold approach to child care.

However, her opinion was taken on board, as all experts that are well trained in their field of study should be given the opportunity to express their opinion if it can be proved valuable to some parents and children.

But now an inquiry is being made into her, as it appears that she does not have any of the qualifications that Channel 4 was led to believe that she held. Her opinions really are likely to be nothing more than a extremely outdated approach that she picked up from her mother, who was also a child carer. Claire Verity said that her “mother and grandmother taught me everything that I needed to know.

It’s just solid, old fashioned advice, like putting a baby out in the garden for lots of fresh air.” And also not cuddling the baby, leaving it to cry, not allowing other family members to touch it, not making eye contact, not kissing, and generally treating a baby like a diseased patient that needs to be left alone for as long possible until they grow into a healthy child.

Cunningham Management, which represents Miss Verity, claims on its website: “Claire is highly qualified with a diploma in Pre School Practice, awards in OCN Maternity Practice and Post Natal Depression, a MNT (Maternity Nurse Training) in Care of Multiple babies, a MNT in Sleep Training, a MNT in Emergency Paediatric First Aid and a MNT in Breast Feeding as well as advising new mothers at local hospitals.”

Cunningham Management sent a copy of Miss Verity’s CV to the The Times newspaper which checked her credentials. The Times reported that MNT, Aset, which awards diplomas in pre-school practice, Goal, which awards diplomas in childcare, and the University of York, from which she has reportedly claimed to hold a business studies degree, have all said they can find no trace of Miss Verity.

The NSPCC have stated that her methods were “outdated and potentially harmful”, and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have pointed out that her recommendation that babies sleep alone in a separate room contradicted official guidance on reducing the risk of SIDS/cot death. Current advice is for babies to sleep in the same room as an adult for the first six months.

Channel 4 have responded by saying “we would like to make it clear you do not need any formal qualification to practise as a maternity nurse”. However, although working as a maternity nurse does not require qualifications, broadcasting the opinions of unqualified working professionals is very serious, as many parents may attempt to follow the practices advocated on Channel 4, which could potentially lead to disastrous results.

Yesterday, after repeated inquiries from the Daily Mail, Cunningham Management removed all reference to Verity from the website, including her CV. Good riddance to bad advice. Hopefully good parenting can moved forward again, and people will start to take the sensible approach to child care, which actually involves giving a baby unconditional love, and making social and career sacrifices to bring them up in the best possible way.

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