Here’s How DNA Testing Can Help Improve Your Health And Fitness

human genetics and dnaCan a DNA test help you with your health and fitness? Beyond learning about hour ancestry, many people are starting to take DNA tests to get a better understanding of their genetics and to learn why different foods affect them in different ways. For those that suffer from allergies, intolerance, IBS or other digestive issues, a DNA test could highlight problem areas that years of trial and error fail.

Home DNA tests have become all the rage lately, with everyone from celebrities to random people around the office talking about their results. The premise is fairly simple. You get a testing kit from a company like 23andMe, swab inside your cheek, and send your DNA off to the company. A few weeks later, you get your results. People have spoken of how they found huge surprises about their ancestry, as well as meeting relatives they had never even heard of. However, if you’re not interested in ancestry, you may be wondering if there’s a point. Are there any benefits to taking a home DNA test?

The good news is that there are tons of benefits for your health.

Eat the Right Foods

The problem with diet trends is that they tend to be one-size-fits-all. High-protein low-carb diets are a good example of this. They certainly work for some people and seem to have positive impacts on diabetics in general. However, more and more evidence is emerging that it can be unhealthy for some in the long-term, and that some people’s bodies will react after a couple of months, making it impossible to continue on the diet and putting on all the weight they lost.

The reality is that diet should be entirely personalized. Each person has their own unique nutritional needs, based on what their ancestors ate and basic genetics. A DNA test can help identify the types of foods that are good for your physical makeup. Your DNA can give you the right information on what will work best with your workout, meaning you make the most of meals and of your exercise.

Avoid the Wrong Foods!

The corollary of this is that DNA tests can identify which foods you have a low tolerance for. Many people are lactose intolerant, for example, and don’t know it. You may be eating what you think is right for you, but still feeling unhealthy or sluggish. Identifying your intolerance to certain foods will help you lead life at your physical best.

Exercise Habits

Pushing yourself too hard in a workout can be worse than not working out at all. You could seriously hurt yourself and end up with major heart problems. DNA testing can give you an idea of what sort of exercise you need most, what exercise you should avoid, and just how much exercise you need in general.

Furthermore, it can give you an idea of what your recovery looks like after an injury. We all recover at different paces, and even though you think you should have received by a certain point, you may have to wait a little longer. If you start exercising again too quickly, you’ll just re-injure yourself.

Stay Healthy

Finally, DNA testing can give you an idea of any medical conditions you have a predisposition towards. This can be crucial to your health in the long-term, as you know what to look out for. Early detection is often the best chance you have of recovering from an illness.

Find the best DNA testing kit at and get ready to optimize your health using the following clues. DNA testing isn’t all about finding the varying regions where your ancestors lived. It can have a very positive effect on your health and fitness.

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