Access Sport

Access SportAccess Sport is a UK charity that quite simply helps people to access sport. It’s motto is “Transforming lives through sport”.

Access Sport was founded in 2004 and funds sports clubs and training to children in disadvantaged areas of the UK. They have many ambassadors from British sports and athletics who campaign for them, such as James Cracknell (Olympic rower with Sports Science degree), David James (ex England goalkeeper), Josh Lewsey (British Lions, England and London rugby), Mark Foster (champion swimmer) and Dr. Steph Cook (Pentathlon Champion).

What Do Access Sport Do?

Access Sport uses sports to engage young people in healthy activities and to help get kids off the streets where they may fall into gangs. It provides young people with much needed role models and gives them the resources they need to pursue a variety of sports. In towns such as Bristol it has helped to set up boxing clubs which have resulted in a marked reduction in local gang problems.

Access Sport runs SportsJam events which showcase many sports at public festivals.

They also raise money through bike rides, charity runs and the Access Sport Gym Challenge, as well as an annual dinner event and sports quizzes.

Visit their website to learn more.

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