Spanish Fitness Breaks – Best Places For Sun, Sand and Exercise!

Andalusia SpainWhether you’re already a gym fanatic or a total beginner looking to kick-start a fitness regime, imagine working out in stunning Spanish scenery whilst eating deliciously prepared nutritious meals and educating yourself about health and fitness.

You can do just that with these 5 best workout holidays in Spain.

UP Fitness Marbella

What could be better than training at a gym with a panoramic backdrop of the sea and the jaw-dropping La Concha Mountains? The beautiful setting of UP Fitness Marbella is the home of 2,000 square metres of gym, incorporating an interior resistance training studio as well as an outside Astroturf area equipped for outdoor strongman activities such as car-lifting and log-heaving!

The trainers at UP have been hand-picked and are required to have at least 5,000 hours of results-based training under their belt. Many are academics as well as athletes and have trained at establishments such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association in America. Working out at this gym on your holiday will really get you in great shape!

Fitscape – Southern Spain

Fitscape is an all-inclusive workout holiday program is located in Southern Spain, approximately 20 minutes from the coast of Sotogrande. The venue is a private residence set in beautiful rolling countryside, which is the perfect location for outdoor fitness activities such as cycling, hiking, running or even hill-top yoga sessions.

For those that would prefer to work out onsite, Fitscape has designed an exciting daily program filled with cardio and muscle-strengthening workouts interspersed with healthy balanced meals and refreshments.

The Body Retreat Women’s Fitness Bootcamp

This fitness holiday is perfect for ladies who feel more comfortable exercising in a female-only environment, whether at a beginners or an expert level of fitness. The Body Retreat programs are intended for those who are holidaying alone, encouraging a sociable experience.

The retreat is located in the southern region of Andalucia, in a farmhouse known as a Cortijo. Although you will be encouraged to push yourself to a higher level of fitness, it’s comforting to know that this retreat follows Spanish-time and the daily schedule allows for a welcome siesta break from the heat.

Wildfitness Spain

The emphasis on the Wildfitness program, also found on a rural estate in Andalucia, is that of outdoor adventure mixed with education about your health and mind.

All of the food consumed as part of this program is organic and sourced from local farmers. Rabbit and pigeon are shot on the estate, which also produces its own honey and olive oil as well as growing wild asparagus and herbs. Participants of this program should expect 2-3 workouts per day as well as workshops on nutrition, metabolism and movement.

SHA Fitness Program at the SHA Wellness Clinic

The 7 day fitness program at the SHA Wellness clinic in Alicante involves 7 sessions with a personal trainer, a nutritional consultation, 2 electrostimulation sessions, 2 therapeutic therapy sessions such as an anti-cellulite massage and access to the hydrotherapy circuit which includes Roman baths, a sauna, bithermal showers and much more.

Exercising in warm climates can help to boost your exercise performance, but it is also essential to take some safety precautions such as wearing light clothing and keeping hydrated during your workouts. Be careful with the water though, as some supplies in Spain can be contaminated and a bout of poisoning would ruin your holiday.

Opt to drink bottled water from your resort wherever possible and steer clear of too many sports drinks, which are loaded with calories. However, at the end of the day, you are allowed to enjoy a glass of sangria while watching the sun set over the ocean. ¡Salud!

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