Look Younger With a Hair Transplant Vacation

man on beach with good hairA vacation is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, and if you go on regular fitness and wellness breaks you can literally add years to your life. However, although physical, mental and spiritual wellness is vital to living a long and happy life, for many people looking good is important too. So what if you could take a holiday and come back with a fuller head of hair – you really would look younger and healthier! The answer is to have a hair transplant.

What’s a hair transplant?

This procedure is relatively new in the world of modern medicine. Hair transplant has only started to gain popularity in the last ten years. This procedure is very popular among men over 40 years of age, but the hair transplant is recommended for all patients who have experienced severe hair damage and baldness. However, it should be understood that the sooner you see a doctor, the more effective the procedure will be. The hair transplant cost will depend on the clinic that you choose.

The essence of the procedure is removing hair bulbs from one place on your head and transplanting them into another. Thus, the total amount of hair on your head increases and you look younger.

FUE hair transplants

While you can get a hair transplant in America or the UK, treatment is very expensive and not covered with general medical insurance. So many people are now heading overseas to get treatment from professionals abroad at a fraction of the usual cost – plus, you get a great vacation too!

Many countries invite patients from abroad for treatment. Nowadays, the most popular country in the field of hair transplantation is Turkey, and thousands of patients travel there for their treatment.  Clinics offering cheap FUE hair transplant in Turkey has enabled the country to take the leading position in terms of the number of procedures performed per year.

There are a number of reasons why you should undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. These benefits make Turkey an undeniable leader in modern medical tourism. 

  • Technology – Turkish hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, having all the innovative developments of modern medicine at their disposal. 
  • Stunning Scenery – The nature of Turkey is known for its picturesque beaches and stunning sunsets, which will allow your body to recover more quickly after the hair transplant procedure.
  • Experts – Turkish doctors are among the most experienced in hair transplant surgery, which allows them to effectively perform dozens of procedures every day.
  • High Success Rate – According to the statistics, the successful result of FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is reached in 97% of cases.
  • Save – The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is one of the cheapest among many countries.

Who Should Have A Transplant?

The hair transplant procedure is often resorted to when conservative treatment of hair loss and baldness has already been tried or when the hair growth in the desired area is impossible due to burns, trauma, tattoos, etc.

However, anyone can perform a hair transplant for aesthetic reasons, without any pathology of hair growth. Before the procedure, you should have a consultation with a trichologist.

Who Should Avoid It?

Although there are no absolute contraindications for hair transplantation, there are a number of relative contraindications. Blood clotting disorders and anesthesia intolerance are common absolute contraindications for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for people under 15 years of age. At this age, it is not possible to determine the area of lesion accurately. This may lead to insufficient hair cover in the donor area in the future.

Mental illness is also an absolute contraindication to hair transplantation due to possible inappropriate responses to the operation.

How to undergo treatment abroad?

If you are planning to undergo treatment abroad, it is time to make your dream come true. In order to undergo treatment abroad effectively, you just need to visit the website of medical tourism operator Booking Health. Here you can find out the cost of all types of hair transplantation, as well as to choose the best hospital for cheap FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

Booking Health is the best medical tourism operator due to the high quality of services and the lowest prices for treatment in any clinic in the world. Besides, you will have 24-hour support throughout your treatment, as well as free personal interpreter services.

When Can You Exercise Again?

Because hair transplant is a serious medical procedure you should avoid high intensity exercise for at least 10 days after surgery. Ideally, you should have treatment early on arrival at your chosen destination, then rest and relax for a week. This is a great time for meditation, gentle yoga and other light exercise. Always consult your surgeon about the best time to start exercising though. The process can result in delicate hair follicles that take time to strengthen again, and high blood pressure and sweating and risk damage, so take it easy.

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