Cruising To Fitness: 5 Ways To Stay In Shape On A Cruise Ship

fit couple on beach with cruise linerCruise ships are not like any other trips, as it’s not only intended for traveling from place to place, but it’s also for you to enjoy the journey to the place your heading to. You might also find some cruises that mainly focuses on round trips and not the destinations themselves. It’s meant for those who want to enjoy the sea and the voyage. If you love to enjoy most of your time onboard, then you should maintain a healthy fitness routine in order not to gain a lot of weight by the end of the trip.

Staying Fit

With all the entertainment and the delicious food offered on board, you’re bound to end up gaining extra weight. It is extremely tempting to get lost in the open buffets and the wonderful menus, drinks and snacks that are up on offer throughout the day- and there’s really nowhere to hide on a cruise! If the cruise you’re on doesn’t provide a fitness center and you want to stay in shape, then exercising onboard can be your best option to maintain a healthy life even when you’re on vacation.

Here are five easy exercises to do onboard:

Explore Your Ship

A daily walk is considered one of the easiest and effective ways to keep yourself in shape. Having a morning walk will not only keep you fit but also will let you explore the cruise and enjoy a beautiful sea view. If you took one of the Celebrity cruise deals, you might find a place designed for running. You can look it up before you get on the ship in order to have an idea where you’re going to exercise.

Stair Climbing

Another healthy way to stay in shape is by taking the stairs. This method has always been known to be a simple yet significant way to burn calories. While you’re on a cruise and want to maintain your weight, try to forget about elevators and start using the stairs.

Belly Roll

You wake up, stretch your body, and then start the day. Instead of just stretching to get out of bed you can seize the opportunity and do some belly rolls. All you have to do is stretch out your arms and legs then slowly let your stomach muscles pull you up. With your arms still stretched out, try to touch your toes. Repeat the process several times to lose belly fat.

belly roll exercise

The Plank

We don’t mean walk the plank! The Plank is an excellent exercise for the whole body. It’s perfect especially for the arms and can reduce back pains. It’s extremely convenient because sometimes there isn’t enough space to get into proper workouts, so this is the next best thing. It also can enhance bone and joint health. 20 to 60 seconds each day can help improve your body. If you don’t have an exercising mat, you can use a towel to place under your elbows.

the plank performed by a woman on a beach

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are easy to do and burn around 12 calories per minute. However, they require some space. If you don’t have enough space in your room, you can do this exercise on the pool or anywhere you like on the cruise ship.

The Excursions

The highlight of a cruise is of course the excursions – you get to see so many new places that you don’t get to experience on resort holidays or city breaks. Walking around a town is also great exercise, but remember, make sure you get back before departure time! A quality watch is an essential item when exploring a city on a cruise.

Exercise on Your Vacation

Maintaining a healthy routine even while you’re on vacation is not as hard as you may think. With these five methods, you will not need any equipment to stay in shape. And they will help you keep your workout routine when there’s no fitness center available in the cruise ship. You can also do these exercises any time you want so that you don’t miss any activity you’re planning to do within the day. So it is absolutely doable to have the vacation of your life and stay in shape all at the same time without having any hassle whatsoever!

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