Zuzana’s Full Body Core Workout

Zuzana is a fitness instructor from the Czech Republic that has created several full body core workouts for YouTube that help you to lose weight and get fit and toned. She has excellent abdominals with a visible six pack.

In all of her workouts she displays good form, usually performing the exercises slowly with good concentration and focus.

Some of her workouts are derived from military training routines, such as the leg raises and squats that are seen in some of her other videos.

Zuzana narrates during the exercises and often gets out of breath, which is a further indication that she is working hard. She is very athletic with well toned muscles and a flat stomach.

Anyone wanting to lose weight and tone up the abs should do these exercises. Follow her workouts and you cannot go far wrong. All of her workouts are on YouTube, plus she has her own website, details are below.


Full Body Core Workout: Back and Chest

There are more core body workouts in the series, but these lower body exercises from Zuzana need a mention. Excellent for toning thighs and buttocks.

To see more of  Zuzana Light’s workouts visit her at www.bodyrock.tv.

4 Comments on “Zuzana’s Full Body Core Workout”

  1. I love your workouts but I have low back problems. Would you still recommend the routines?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Susel, we cannot speak for Zuzana, but if you have back problems it is best to consult a doctor before embarking on a new exercise plan.

  3. could you please list a complete meal plan for a week, that would really help me plan my day around working out and my other activities. i know diet is about 80% of getting the results we want.

    Thank You so much,


  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Rick, check out our diet and nutrition section for meal plans and more advice.

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