UK Government & Arlene Phillips To Promote Dancing for Fitness

The UK is trying to reverse the tide of obesity and lethargy with dance. Following the success of dance contest shows on television, the government would like to see more children take up dance.

Dancing is a excellent form of fitness. It works out the whole body, improves muscular strength, cardiovascular strength and flexibility. Also, dance can be performed by all age groups and genders together. Unlike running or cycling, which are generally solitary forms of exercise, dancing is a more social form of exercise. It is in a way like martial arts without all the shouting and kicking.

Arlene Phillips, the 66-year-old dance choreographer, who was dropped from Strictly Come Dancing’s judging panel is leading a dance for fitness group that aims to improve the nation’s fitness levels. She is being joined by some of Strictly Come Dancing’s former contestants, such as Lisa Snowdon, in promoting mass open-air dances.

“In China, where in open spaces people join in and take tai chi with the masses, it’s there, it’s available. What I am hoping is that we are going to find enough accessible and open spaces for people to take classes and make it free and make it accessible. People will do things if they are there and they are easy, like brushing your teeth. We have to set up centres, we have to find places where people can just walk to get where they can dance. We have to make it free, we have to make it fun and we have to make it part of people’s daily lives.” Arlene Phillips, 2009

The problem is, now that people are being told to dance, will they do it? Also, are there enough venues if the dance revolution takes hold? And will it be on the school curriculum? If so, are our games teachers up to the task, or will specialist teachers be brought in at a great cost to the tax payer?

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  1. How about promoting Scottish Country Dancing. It is highly energetic, yet graceful dance form, and a lovely opportunity to make new friends. There are lots of clubs in the uk. The one I belong to is Stone Scottish Dance Group, Staffordshire. We meet on Wednesday evenings from 9th September 2009. You don’t have to be Scottish. Gentlemen – lose your inhibitions and give it a try.

  2. Just what we’ve been waiting for!Every Village/Town Hall would surely not object to one night a week of dancing at a minimal entrance fee,therefore bringing in needed funds for repairs and building-up of the community spirit.It’s the perfect oppertunity for stay-at-home Moms and Dads to help out with organising different dance styled evenings,therefore contributing to the community in their own special way.The perfect way for adults to socialise without alchohol being the only thing involved. It would be great if the schools could hold monthly ‘Dance Nights’ for the children in their school halls.This would bring back the much needed school society and enthusiasm that most Principles battle to generate amongst their school pupils.

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