Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Stamina for Soccer

soccer player hanging on street light wth ball held on footThe Beautiful Game, what people normally refer to it as in all parts of the world, soccer is undeniably also very demanding on the player’s body. You require a very high stamina level not only to excel in the sport, but also just to play it.

Regardless of whether you’re a weekend soccer player or a pro-level genius, you cannot do without constantly working on your stamina to be good at soccer. Let’s take you through some important tips that can boost your stamina for soccer.

Follow a Well-Balanced Diet Regime

You cannot increase your stamina by not focusing on what you put into your body. No matter which field-sport you play, the stamina-building exercise for it begins in the kitchen. You must follow a well-balanced diet regime, consume foods that are low in fats and high in carbs. In addition, you must eat at least 3 small meals and 3 big meals per day, to get enough nutrients. Stay as far away as you can from soda, processed foods, junk food, sugary items etc. Opt for whole food items rather than bingeing on supplements, energy drinks and power bars.

Take Ample Rest

It’s very important to give enough rest to your body in between games. Every soccer player requires anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. It has even been proven scientifically that night is the only time that your body actually goes about rejuvenation and recovery processes. If you haven’t slept enough the day before, you will not have enough stamina on the game day.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying well-hydrated is another important key to building stamina. You will automatically feel less energy if your body cells are dehydrated. Hence, you must consume plenty of water all through the day, and have enough water bottles in your bag during the match.

Avoid Over-Practising

While it is good to train on a regular basis, you must never go overboard. Practising and training hard each and every day of the week can sap the energy out of your body, impacting your stamina and performance on the match day. It’s very important that you completely stay away from work out and practice at least couple of days of the week.

Focus on Specific Exercises

Soccer players must focus on specific exercises that contribute to their performance on the field. For instance, here’s what professional pre-season training looks like. Below are some of the important exercises you must focus on:

  • Cardiovascular routines or aerobics involving skipping, stair stepping, throwing, cycling, rope jumping, swimming, jogging, running etc. for at least 30 to 50 minutes per day.
  • Weight-based circuit training involving squat jumps, situps, lunges, push-ups etc., all of which can help you tremendously in improving your endurance levels and building muscle strength.
  • Plyometric exercises, for instance, stair hops, burpees, box jumps, leg jumps and other similar explosive moments. All these can significantly improve the resilience and energy levels of a soccer player.
  • Stretching, both before and after exercising. This will not just help you develop a lot of stamina, but also keep injuries at bay.

Soccer players need to stay super fit not only for their own personal sporting performance, but also for the success of their team. If a few players on a team are unfit it can massively affect the chances of a team winning, something that sports betting enthusiasts know – keeping an eye on fitness levels can help you spot when a team is likely to fail when other pundits are still backing them.

Back to a personal level though, getting yourself super-fit will help your game and you will find that more opportunities on the pitch come your way when your physical fitness is not in question. You will be able to react faster, and your team mates will see that you are playing well and be more likely to pick you out for the long pass or cross towards goal. So get fit and start winning!

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