St. Jude storm batters the UK but joggers keep going

Hackney runner in the storm

Hackney runner in the storm

Today, Monday 28th October 2013, saw the biggest storm hit the UK in over a decade. The storm has caused widespread disruption, mostly in the form of loss of power supplies to homes and close railways. Hundreds of trees have fallen across roads and railways, and so far three people have been killed.

But a photo in The Mirror raised our spirits, as it showed a runner in Hackney, North London, tackling a fallen tree with consummate ease. Maybe she is more used to fell or woodland running than pounding the pavements of London?

One local runner updated Facebook with the words “been for a run, it’s a bit blustery out there”. Classic British resilience and understatement all rolled into one sentence.

Of course, we should point out that it is not really completely wise to go running in this weather. While few people have been injured, accidents are far more likely during storms and the trees were still falling down when the photo above was taken.

Joggers have been killed by falling trees during bad weather. A woman was killed in a Philadelphia park by falling branch, and this was not even during stormy weather. While most accidents happen when motorists collide with fallen trees, sometimes trees do fall on pedestrians.

Of course, running and jogging is a mostly healthy activity. When the weather turns bad, stay safe, stay indoors.

St Jude: the Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Jude the Apostle is the Patron Saint of lost causes and desperate situations. Maybe this storm will help to put some wind up in your sails and get back into your fitness regime. For all those lost causes and desperate cases, remember, St. Jude is coming to help you!

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