School Cross Country Running Keeps Kieron Dyer Football Fit

Kieron Dyer, who plays soccer for West Ham and grew up in Ipswich, says that he is now thankful that at school he was encouraged to run cross country and middle distance. He used to run the 1500m for Ipswich Harriers Athletic Club before starting his football career. He says that one of his major strengths when he started playing football at the professional level was his energy and stamina.

Dyer now promotes the Multi-sports Access and Retention Scheme, which is run by West Ham Football Club and Newham Council. It encourages children to become more active in sports and athletics.

Dyer is a great example of how sport personalities can help to make a difference for children, and also help encourage people to find pursuits that help them to get in shape and maintain lifelong fitness and health.

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