Cycling For Fitness and Weight Loss

Cycling around town in Oxford
As far as healthy outdoor pursuits go, cycling is one of the healthiest and most social pastimes that you can enjoy. Cycling has many benefits over other forms of exercise, for example, once you have purchased your bike there are…

Exercising With Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)

Atrial fibrillation
However, for those who play sport or are looking to get fitter and lose some weight, there are more serious health considerations. In recent years we have seen several athletes suffer sudden heart attacks and celebrities suffering strokes – while…

How Will We Get Fit In 2013?

Every year the fitness industry changes. New products and ideas lead to new ways for people to get fit. Often the new ways are no better than the old ways, but people do like change. Dr. Walter Thompson from the Department…

What Are Best Sports For Long Life?

Health scientists have found that the type of sport you do has an impact on your life expectancy. Recent research published in the British Medical Journal looked at the life expectancy of Olympic athletes. It was found that on average…

Web Tools To Plan And Track Your Cycling or Running

Whether you are trying to get fit, lose weight, or both, there are now many tools to help you. Here we share some useful web-based tools that help you to plan walking, running or cycling routes. They are all free to use, and all have some special benefits and features. If there is one tool that does it all, then tell us and we shall feature this also.

8 CrossFit Classes Reviewed

I recently discovered a CrossFit club in my hometown and immediately signed up. I did a taster session on a Saturday morning and then started a series of eight 90 minute induction classes. How many gyms offer 12 hours of…

MetCon – The Way To Get Fitter Faster

Tuck jumps
Metabolic Conditioning (often shortened to MetCon) is actually very simple. It refers to physical exercise that increases your body’s ability to transport oxygen from the lungs to your cells and then use this to generate the energy needed to move your muscles.

Principles of Running Faster

We have already discussed how running is great for general health and fitness so now we shall look at some ways to start to improve your running. Improving your running requires more than just simply putting extra miles in. If…

Rowing Workouts

woman on a rowing machine
If you want to get really fit using a rowing machine it is a good idea to follow some sort of structured training. Best results come from following an interval training program with complimentary weight training.

World Fastest Workout Shared on Pinterest

Worlds Fastest Workout
This workout has so far (21st Feb 2012) been repinned 7648 times on If you are not already aware, Pinterest is a website that allows its members to attach interesting images and videos to a virtual pin board and then…

Military style fitness training

Whether you are looking to get fit before joining the military or just wish to learn from the best, these tips should certainly help guide you. Here we cover running drills typical of the army, strength training routines to build…