Loose Women Do Towel Workouts

Today Loose Women featured a fitness expert Ross Edgley who demonstrated some towel workouts earlier in the day. There are many ways to use a towel as part of a workout. From using it to help perform jumps, stretches and stability exercises to using 2 towels to slide across wooden floors using mountain climbers, there are many ways to get fit with a towel.

Before performing these workouts it is best to warm up with some simple lateral and forward/back jumps over your towel, plus some towel overhead squats (hold towel above your head with straight arms while squatting).

Towel Workouts on a Wooden Floor

These guys do a great full body workout that hits the core, upper body and legs well.

Towel Workouts With Your Partner

This workout takes you through 5 classic weight training exercises, but they are done by using your partner for resistance rather than using weights. Each partner performs a different exercise at the same time. Switch roles after each exercise. Exercises include the assisted row/ sits ups, chest press / rows, shoulder presses / pull downs, arm curls, triceps extensions


Beach Towel Workout

No excuses for not getting fit and staying fit all summer. Exercise on the beach made easy. Here a fitness instructors from Canada displays his own towel workout. Much more intensive with plyometric push ups, dips, leg raises, one leg squats. Really this is more a beach chair workout than a beach towel workout, but good all the same.

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