Zuzana’s Killer 550 Rep Challenge + High Intensity Bodyweight Workout

The Killer 550 Rep Challenge

First up Zuzana takes us through here 550 rep bodyweight workout. The aim is to perform 50 reps of each of the 11 exercises as quickly as possible. Time yourself today and then aim to improve on the time each workout. Zuzana jokes that this is just a warm up for her, and it is probably true judging by the amazing shape she is in.

If you want a simple but effective workout then this is an excellent choice. All you need is the space the size of a yoga mat. If you want you could reduce the reps for each exercise to 10 and perform it as a circuit. Aim to perform 10 circuits so that you are still doing all 550 reps.

This has the advantage that if you run our of steam half way through you at least have performed all the exercises and given yourself a full body workout. Also by doing it as a circuit you can shorten the length of the workout and use it as a 15 minute power workout in the morning.

High Intensity 12 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Here Zuzana takes us through another intensive home workout. It is just 12 minutes, but you will struggle to keep up during this time. This is circuit training at its most intense.

It is a very simple workout which is 3 sections of 4 minutes, in each section 2 exercises are alternated. She starts with push ups and jumping lunges. Then moves on to pull ups (assisted after first set) and jumping jacks. It is designed to build muscular endurance. She finishes with high knee skips and twisting knee raises.

Just 6 different exercises in 12 minutes. Very intensive, excellent fat burner. She has an excellent body, no fat in sight.

This workout is a great addition to your weekly routine. It can be done anywhere really, you do not need the dip stand with straps, you can just do normal push ups and use two sturdy chairs for the dips (keep them as close together as possible).

It is refreshing to see that even someone as fit and strong as Zuzana still needs to do assisted pull ups. Pull ups are extremely hard to do, but very rewarding. They are great for strengthening the back and they also help to burn a lot of fat. Big compound movements are best for fat burning and muscle building.

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