Get Fitness Ready For A Summer Staycation!

woman working out at home with a gym ballCoronavirus has turned the whole world upside-down in a matter of weeks. The start of spring is usually the time when people start planning their summer vacations and working harder on fitness and diet to get in shape ready for the beaches. But it seems increasingly likely that holiday travel will be hugely restricted for most people, so we need a new plan!

If you look out of your window from your isolation pod you will probably notice that more people are out running now. Gyms and fitness clubs have been closed down by government, so people are having to resort to getting fit the old fashioned way – home workouts and cardiovascular exercise.

Mix Up Your Home Workouts

There are many home workouts you can do – we have many listed here. Don’t keep repeating the same ones, mix it up and challenge yourself some days with workouts you are not so comfortable with.  Here’s a selection of home workouts and fitness ideas on MotleyHealth:

Pick any of the above and follow the workout plan. In time you will find that you put together your own routines, mixing up the exercises that you like to do most. A good starting point is the Weekly Exercise Plan – here you’ll find a workout for each day of the week.

Build a Great Looking Body

For many people an important part of looking good on the beach is having a great tan. While some people use fake tans, many like to get a real tan from a tanning bed, which when used in moderation, is not unhealthy. However, tanning salons are probably not the best places to spend time in until this virus is beaten, so what to do? Well, the weather is getting warmer and the best and cheapest way to get a good tan is to do it naturally.

If you’re going to be at home for the next few months, then why not get outside for half an hour every day and work on your tan naturally. If you can find a sun trap that gets full sun and is sheltered from the wind, you can sun bathe from April onwards, so put out your sun loungers and get to work! Also, being at home in isolation for months will likely cause vitamin D levels to fall, so get outside every day to top up your vit D to stay healthy!

It is increasingly likely that people will not be able to go on holiday this year, which means your summer vacation will probably be spent at home – all the more reason to turn your outside space into a little private resort. Along with your sun lounger, set up a new barbecue, clear an area for some circuit training, or even put a weight training bench in the garden.

Being in isolation is certainly not a reason to stop working on your fitness regime, and you never know, once you have your own fitness area set up, you might never look back – maybe gym memberships might become a winter luxury?

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